XP & ME: lost internet connect sharing on ME

Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by harvey roman, Jun 30, 2003.

  1. harvey roman

    harvey roman Guest

    I have had my 2 computers networked for almost 2 years with
    no problems until now. Recently my client Computer(ME) lost
    thr residential gateway connection with the host
    computer(XP). I still have them networked and I can use the
    internet on the XP. After trying several methods to get
    the Internet working on the client(ME) and failing on all
    attempts, I decided to re-use the Network Setup Wizard that
    comes with XP. I intalled the floppy into the ME computer
    to setup the ICS connection. Everything appeared ok until I
    retarted the computer (ME). I get the following error
    messages: An error occured loading
    C:\windows\system\upnp.dll has not been installed or
    corrupted. When I hit ok I get the next error message:
    error loading C:\window\system\hnetwiz.dll a routine
    initialization failed. Needless to say I still can't get
    on to the net with my client(ME). I use a dial up
    connection and D-link to network my computers.
    Also on my client, if I use the RUN command and type in
    "winipcfg" i get the following error: Failed to initialize
    Thanks for any help that you can supply
    harvey roman, Jun 30, 2003
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