Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by Icey, Jan 18, 2005.

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    We offer the following cisco products. All are cisco original.

    ws-c3550-24emi/new sealed/USD2350
    ws-c3550-48emi/new sealed/USD3350
    ws-c3750-24ts-e/new sealed/USD3000
    ws-c3750g-24t-e/new sealed/USD4990
    ws-c3750g-24ts-e/new sealed/USD4900
    ws-c3750-48ts-e/new sealed/USD4750
    ws-c3750g-12s-e/new sealed/USD6100

    cisco2621xm/new sealed/USD1500
    cisco2650xm/new sealed/USD1750
    cisco2651xm/new sealed/USD1950
    cisco1721/vpn-k9/new sealed/USD1250
    cisco1760vpn-k9/new sealed/USD1500

    pix-515e-ur-bun/new sealed/USD3350
    pix-515e-fe-ur-bun/new sealed/USD3550
    pix-525-ur-bun/new sealed/USD5750
    pix-535-ur-bun/new sealed/USD14500

    pa-mc-2e1/120/new sealed/USD2200
    pa-mc-8e1/120/new sealed/USD2500

    cisco3640a/ref or used/USD1250
    cisco3640a/new sealed/USD1500
    cisco3640/new sealed/USD1200

    Miss Icey
    GC International
    South San Francisco,
    CA 94080, USA
    AIM/yahoo: Icey9377
    ICQ: 199648745
    Icey, Jan 18, 2005
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