WRT54G and 20 dbi yagi

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by purple, Jan 22, 2005.

  1. purple

    purple Guest

    im living in Cyprus...it is very small island on the mediterranea
    sea..we have very smooth weather conditions..im only worried about th
    summers..i think i will add fans to make it cool...so is the 20 db
    yagi enough to make good connection
    between the ap and wert54g?????
    purple, Jan 22, 2005
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  2. purple

    Peter Pan Guest

    Sorry.. had to go back to the original message to recall things...
    <start paste>
    im trying to reach the ap that 5 kilometers far from me...i have wrt54g
    in client mode attached to the roof with weatherproof box and i can see
    the ap...has anyone suggest antenna??...im planning to buy 20 dbi
    planet yagi...
    <end paste>
    I would look into other types of antennas.... (good tutorial on the whole
    subject too)

    Check http://www.radiolabs.com/Articles/wifi-antenna.html

    They talk about all types, but especially check the part about:

    Parabolic or dish antennas
    This is where the real power is! Parabolic dish antennas put out tremendous
    gain but are a little hard to point and make a connection with. As the gain
    of an antenna increases, the antenna's radiation pattern decreases until you
    have a very little window to point or aim your dish correctly. Dish antennas
    are almost always used for a point to point system for long haul systems.
    The Parabolic Dish antennas work by focusing the power to a central point
    and beaming the radio's signal to a specific area, kind of like the
    adjustable reflector on a flashlight. These antennas are highly focused and
    are the perfect tool if you want to send your signal a very long distance.
    To calculate the distance of your WiFi...... <-- on the actual web page
    there is a button to push for the calculator

    Fraid I can't give you any links to buy in your area, my suppliers can only
    sell/ship in the US, best I can say is read the article at the link above,
    try the calculator thing, see what would work for you, and then see who can
    sell that in your area.
    Peter Pan, Jan 22, 2005
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