Wirelss DSL Modem/Router - how to find matching products?

Discussion in 'Home Networking' started by Tiny Tim, Sep 29, 2003.

  1. Tiny Tim

    Tiny Tim Guest

    I would like to get a wireless DSL modem/router to which I will connect two
    laptops wirelessly, an XBOX by wire and possibly a server by wire in the
    future. I want the router to be an all-in-one unit that can plug straight
    into the ADSL filter on my phone line.

    I would like to scour the market for my options and best prices but do not
    know what the best search terms would be to uncover this all-in-one box
    solution. I understand that the box needs to perform the function of a DSL
    modem but it seems to me that it is not always easy to tell whether this
    aspect of functionality is included in the various routers on the market.
    Often the word "modem" is not included in the product title and it seems
    that the device may, or may not, include this functionality.

    Is there a magic solution to this or do I have to pour over the detailed
    specs and descriptions of each product to see if it meets my needs? e.g. if
    I type "wireless DSL router" into an Amazon search I get 8 matches. If I
    type "wireless DSL modem router" (adding the word "modem") then there are
    only one match. Can this be right? Are seven of the products really of no
    use to me. Short of reading every description I do not see how I can tell.
    Surely something as glaring as this should be more obvious. Please help me
    understand what search terms I need to use - or is there a different/easier
    way to go about this?

    Tiny Tim, Sep 29, 2003
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  2. Tiny Tim

    aj Guest


    These people stock most of the main makers of the kit you are after and have
    a full tech spec for all of the kit they sell. Their prices look competitive
    as well.

    The main players in the wireless/modem/router area seem to be the Draytek
    Vigor 2600We and the Netgear DG824M. Both have ethernet and wireless
    networking options and both are well recommended, they both have hardware
    firewalls which is desirable these days.
    They have very similar specs.
    The wireless side is the 802.11b spec which is a max 11Mb xfer over the
    wireless side, this is more than quick enough for ADSL (standard ADSL is a
    max 512Kb)

    I personally use the NetgearDG824M, with a couple of Netgear WA111 USB
    access cards, it was easy to set up and get going.

    You could check out the reviews on www.adslguide.org but they are not really
    keeping up to date with the hardware available.

    One more thin you might want to consider high quality microfilters as well
    they can be found here www.adslnation.com they are more expensive but are
    noticeable more reliable and sorted my noisy phone line problem.
    aj, Sep 29, 2003
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  3. Tiny Tim

    Tiny Tim Guest

    Thanks for the reply. I'm actually looking for 802.11g networking stuff as I
    want to be able to stream video from my (yet to be purchased) server to a
    laptop in the bedroom or garden.

    I'm generally aware of the brands available, including Draytek, Netgear,
    D-Link, Linksys, Belkin, BT, Solwise, Buffalo, USR/3COM etc. but it's
    actually finding the right product in each manufacturer's range that is the

    e.g. this bundle looks ideal for me as a starting point as I currently only
    have one laptop and the XBOX to connect at the moment -


    or if the above doesn't work......


    But I can't tell from the information available here or on Buffalo's website
    (probably coz I'm being thick) whether the router will do all that I need or
    if I need a separate ethernet DSL modem in addition. My fear is that I do
    but I'm struggling to tell. It is the same thing with various other products
    from other manufacturers too. The specs for range/speed look particularly
    impressive for this kit but it isn't much use if it won't meet my needs.
    Price is an important factor in the overall choice of solution.

    Tiny Tim, Sep 29, 2003
  4. Tiny Tim

    Bigguy Guest

    Not really suitable unless your ADSL Modem has a CAT5 (RJ45) output...

    Most (?) Of the ADSL Modems seem to use USB out to the PC - this makes it
    hard to connect a router....

    The solution is an ADSL Modem/Router; these usually have an ADSL Modem and 4
    x CAT5 10/100 ports for the LAN.

    As mentioned by other posters the Draytek Vigor and Netgear models are fine,
    as are D-Link DSL-504 http://www.dlink.co.uk/310.htm , Linksys BEFSR41
    http://www.linksys.com/products/product.asp?grid=34&scid=29&prid=20 and

    You can get a wireless version of most of the above BUT IMHO it is better
    (though not cheaper) to get a seperate WAP;
    this is because....

    1. the best place for the Modem/Router (near PC crate/phone socket)
    will not be the best place for the WAP (high up in the centre of the area to

    2. the Modem router will have lots of cables at the rear - the WAP will
    have just CAT5 + DC Power making positioning/mounting easier and much

    3. you can but the modem/router first and get a WAP later if needed.

    Bigguy, Sep 29, 2003
  5. Tiny Tim

    Tiny Tim Guest

    That's what I feared. I have a USB modem now and I want to get a one box
    replacement that will perform all the functions of modem/router/wap at
    low(ish) cost and with the least number of cables and power supplies
    floating around.

    I appreciate the pros of separate modem/router and wap but a single unit
    will suit me better. The whole thing is going in the living room right by
    the TV, hi-fi etc and I already have an 8-way suppressed power supply
    completely filled with plugs. By the time I add a media-server and a
    router/wap things are going to get a bit ridiculous.

    At the end of the day I also want to keep overall cost down and I figure an
    all-in-one box should accomplish that better than individual components. 54g
    should give me the performance I need and I just need something that works
    well now, without bothering with lots of future upgrade/expansion that I
    shan't need.
    Tiny Tim, Sep 29, 2003
  6. Tiny Tim

    Sunil Sood Guest

    There are currently very few "All in One" 802.11g routers available with
    built in ADSL modem.

    At the moment the "All in One" solutions available are mainly based on the
    slower 802.11b standard.

    However, several of the manufacturers have announced plans to release
    802.11g "all in one" solutions - they should start to appear within the next
    month or so.

    For instance http://www.draytek.co.uk/products/vigor2600g.html

    Though Ebuyer now seem to be advertising one which seems like a good deal:
    and cheaper than I would have thought.

    Sunil Sood, Sep 29, 2003
  7. Tiny Tim

    Tiny Tim Guest

    Good spot! That looks absolutely perfect. Now the next question(s) - Who has
    one and what is the performance like? Styling looks good enough to sit
    discretely in one corner of the living room but is it any good? I have read
    a few negative comments about some Netgear stuff here. But I guess you could
    say that about most products except possibly the Draytek stuff, which is a
    bit pricey for my tastes.
    Tiny Tim, Sep 29, 2003
  8. Tiny Tim

    Tiny Tim Guest

    p.s. I wasn't asking anyone to find me my solution; I was trying to
    understand what the correct generic term would be for these all-in-one
    devices - or hasn't one been invented yet - so that I would know what search
    terms to enter into a pricing search engine, or retailer's product search

    Would it be "wireless modem router" or "wireless dsl router" or "wap modem
    router" etc. etc. There just doesn't seem to be a product category available
    on retailer websites to isolate the all-in-one devices and I find that
    bloody irritating! A lot of home DSL users, like me, will be coming from a
    starting point of a USB modem and will surely want an easy all-in-one box to
    replace their crap old USB modem and extend their connection around the
    home. Or am I the only one? :)
    Tiny Tim, Sep 29, 2003
  9. Tiny Tim

    Tiny Tim Guest

    At the risk of having a conversation with myself I looked a bit further on
    the Ebuyer website and found two similar Netgear products.......

    Netgear DG834G 54 Mbps Wireless ADSL Firewall Router for £88.12 including

    Netgear DG824M ADSL Wireless Gateway Router With 4 X 10/100mbps Switch for
    £111.45 including VAT

    Can it really be that a 54Mbps all-in-one is £23 cheaper than the old 11Mbps
    technology from the same company? Is there something lacking in the cheaper
    unit that is not immediately obvious? Both are
    modem/switch/wap/firewall/router. Is this the bargain of the year?

    If anyone has any views please reply soon as I think I might snap one up
    before they realise their pricing error ;-)

    (p.s. I note that neither includes the word "modem" in the product title but
    the devices do include modem functionality)
    Tiny Tim, Sep 29, 2003
  10. Tiny Tim

    Sunil Sood Guest

    The DG834 does seem very cheap compared to its predecessor as you point out
    in another post.

    I am not sure if you will find anyone who has one yet though - they are very
    new and are not yet even mentioned on Netgear's UK web site - though I think
    their French site has a manual (in French!).

    To be honest until today I hadn't realised that any of the manufacturers had
    released their 54G all in one solutions - I thought they were all a month or
    so away... - though I see Ebuyer also has one from Belkin for sale. (again
    very new so nothing apparent on their web site even)

    I am considering getting one too..

    Sunil Sood, Sep 29, 2003
  11. Tiny Tim

    Sunil Sood Guest

    You're basically searching for the correct terms - its just a case of
    readinf the descriptions carefully to ensure that the model does include a
    built in ADSL modem.

    If you are unsure you can always ask in here or on

    Sunil Sood, Sep 29, 2003
  12. Tiny Tim

    Les Thompson Guest

    The DG834 series is the new model just being released, The DG824 has
    been discontinued according to up to date adverts on the web.
    Les Thompson, Sep 29, 2003
  13. Tiny Tim

    Sunil Sood Guest

    You may find the way http://www.broadbandbuyer.co.uk list their equipment
    easier to follow - look under Wireless Routers.

    Of the ones they sell, they seperate those that will work with ADSL and
    those that don't

    Sunil Sood, Sep 30, 2003
  14. Tiny Tim

    Tiny Tim Guest

    Well that seems just too easy :) Perhaps other retailers would like to take

    Tiny Tim, Sep 30, 2003
  15. Tiny Tim

    Mark Kelly Guest

    No you are not the only one. My friend has just got a laptop and
    hence want to share the connection now but unfortunately he brought an
    USB modem orginally. Now looking for a wired (the wireless one seem a
    bit expensive at the moment, and after last netgear stuff difficult to
    setup.) router. So far the choice I found is a Solwise 715 for
    £84.6, Ebuyer 4 port ADSL modem router for £35.28, and Dabs 4 port
    ADSL modem router for £50. Do not know any other that is in that
    price range..
    Mark Kelly, Sep 30, 2003
  16. Tiny Tim

    Tiny Tim Guest

    You might want to look at the Netgear DG384 that has cropped up on this
    thread. It isn't released yet but there are technical details here....


    and a very attractive price here....


    Only £4 dearer than the Solwise you've mentioned, it should provide lots of
    options for the future and if the budget is tight hold off on the wireless
    cards for now and hardwire until you are ready. It's not much extra to pay
    for the wireless option in the future. It sames a shame to constrain a
    laptop to a wired connection.
    Tiny Tim, Sep 30, 2003
  17. Tiny Tim

    Paul Brewer Guest

    I've installed lots of small home-network shared ADSL connections using
    reasonably inexpensive 4-port ADSL modem-routers. The ?35 one is
    probably a Sparkcom or similar, with a conexant chipset. Good value for
    money and reasonably easy to set-up, although they have a web-based
    setup facility, so you'll need to make sure your tcp/ip settings on the
    pc you use to set the router up are configured with an ip address in
    the 10.0.0.* series and with a subnet mask of (the conexant
    routers normally have an ip of and a subnet mask of
    Once you're in you can reset the ip addy of the router to the more
    normal or whatever you're using on your
    Solwise are lovely pieces of gear, worth the money as they are easier
    to set up if you aren't all that experienced, and they're the ones I
    use for my business installations; you pays yer money and you takes yer

    There are some reviews here, a bit out of date but a good reference
    Paul Brewer, Sep 30, 2003
  18. Tiny Tim

    Tiny Ramsden Guest

    Lioncom adsl wireless router with 4 port switch (£99) and 2 usb wireless
    cards (£35 each) for your laptops - unless you can put up with the internet
    cables instead.

    Pass on the XBox, if it has a standard ethernet card and dhcp should not be
    a problem.

    If you intend to run a web server or the XBox requires a fixed ip address
    then look at Zen's offering, which gives you 6 free ip address's.
    Tiny Ramsden, Sep 30, 2003
  19. Tiny Tim

    Martin² Guest

    The Netgear DG834G ebuyer price looks like a mistake, doubt you will be able
    to get it at that price when they actually have it. I should also mention
    that I bought the DM602 ADSL router and DM614G wifi, the software didn't
    load properly and then couldn't be unloaded and the hardware didn't work at
    all. Phone support (in India) was useless. Returned it, bought Draytek
    2600We, got online in 10 mins and haven't missed a beat since May.
    Martin², Sep 30, 2003
  20. Tiny Tim

    Tiny Tim Guest

    B******s! Ebuyer price has just shot up to £124 including VAT, from £88
    Tiny Tim, Oct 2, 2003
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