Wireless Upgrade advice sought

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by John F Kappler, Jul 30, 2004.

  1. I'm planning to upgrade an 802.11b network to a higher performance and
    would like some advice on the following questions.

    The exisitng netwrk runs 5 PCs (Towers) and 5 Notebooks. It has D-Link
    Access Point and 10 x D-Link D-Link DWL-120 USB adaptors.

    First question is to do with Manufacturers. I'd like to have the same
    supplier ofr the new Access Point and the Adaptors (plus I want to add
    a Netwrok Bridge to include a currently wired Network Printer).

    From reading this group, I produced a short list of: Belkin, D-Link,
    LinkSys and Netgear.

    Belkin dont appear to have any 802.11g USB adaptors (I mean the cabled
    type, not the plug straight in type), so the list is down to three.

    Netgear seem to consistently get bad reports for reliability, poor
    support and the need to do firmware upgrades. Is this fair?

    As a current user of D-Link it has been very reliable, and any
    problems have been helpfully addressed by their UK support people.
    Should I stay with the devil I know?

    (I did note that someone said that the Netgear kit was re-packaged
    D-Link kit - How does this square with Netgear's poor reliabiblity

    I have no experience of LinkSys kit (although it looks pretty - only
    joking). Would it be worth making the move?

    And would anyone like to suggest alternate configurations. So far I
    D-Link: DWL2100P; 10x DWL-G120+, DWL-G810+
    LinkSys: WAP54G; 10x WUSB54G; WET54G-UK
    Netgear: FWAG114; 10x WG121; <Bridge model number tbd>

    Please note the exisitng Network already has Draytek Router for DSL,
    and I'm not planning on replacing this, otherwise I would have used
    them for the combined Router & Access Point.

    Thanks IA to one and all

    John F Kappler, Jul 30, 2004
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