Wireless Router Reject Connection after Standby

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by ZR, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. ZR

    ZR Guest

    I have a Netgear wireless router, and a desktop and a laptop connect to the
    router wirelessly. After the computers go into short standby (few minutes)
    and come back on, the router will reject the connection. The only way to
    reconnect is to reboot the router. Rebooting the computers would not solve
    the problem. If the standby is long, say hours, it would work fine. Does
    anyone have similar problem and find a solution?

    I'm thinking the router has some type of long time-out and thinks the
    machines are still connected. But I didn't find such setting in the router.

    The router is WGR614 v4.

    Thanks for any help!
    ZR, Aug 12, 2007
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