Wireless newbie; Can i use WAP11 without a hub?

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by Toine, May 20, 2004.

  1. Toine

    Toine Guest

    I just bought an linksys WAP11 & WMP11 and just want to link a PC (XP)
    and laptop (W2K) for filehsaring etc. At the moment I don't have a hub
    and I that might be a problem?

    The WMP11 is installed in the PC and it detects the ESSID from the WAP
    no problem. I turned of the 'use windows to confiure my wireless
    network setting' option as many user seem to recommend.

    The WAP11 is connected to the laptop using a crossover cable. I did al
    IP settings manually as follow:


    All on subnet of course!

    When I ping the WMP11 from the laptop I can actually see the WMP11
    receiving (using the statusmonitor) the corresponding packages. But
    that as the best I got so far! The ping command returns reuest
    timeouts. I have tried several other comibinations but nothing seems
    to work.

    Do I just HAVE to buy a hub? Can this be any kind of hub (cimple and
    cheap) or can the PC somehow be setup to do this?

    Any help greatly appreciated.

    Toine, May 20, 2004
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  2. Toine

    Ron Bandes Guest


    As long as you don't want to add any more wired devices to the LAN, you have
    no need for a hub or switch. If you want to add more wired devices, get an
    Ethernet Switch, not a hub. A hub doesn't provide the security that you
    want when you're connecting to a Wireless Access Point. A switch will give
    you better performance most of the time, and should cost about the same as a
    hub. If you do install switch, replace your crossover cable with a straight

    One mistake I see is that the address of your WAP11 is invalid. BTW, is your subnet MASK, not your subnet ADDRESS. In any subnet,
    the first and last addresses are reserved. For subnet with
    subnet mask, the reserved addresses are (the
    subnet address) and (the subnet broadcast address). Looking
    at the WAP11 User Guide, I see that the default IP address for the WAP is Have you changed the IP address from the default? I
    recommend that you keep the factory default, and put all your other devices
    in the subnet as well.

    Having the wrong IP address on the WAP would prevent you from surfing to the
    WAP's administration page, but I don't think it should stop the laptop from
    talking to the desktop. So there must be additional problems. If you're
    using WEP, turn it off until you get basic connectivity working. Configure
    the WAP as close to factory defaults as you can. Once that's working, you
    can change the administration password and SSID. If that's working you can
    experiment with WEP.

    Ron Bandes, CCNP, CTT+, etc.
    Ron Bandes, May 20, 2004
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  3. Toine

    Mads Bahrt Guest

    Toine wrote:

    You shouldn't have to buy a hub. A access point should be able to
    connect two wireless devices without being connected to a wired network.
    But in reality you might need to do this. As far as I remember the WAP11
    had this strange behaviour that meant it did require a
    ethernetconnection to something to work. Anybody else that remembers
    something about this?

    Mads Bahrt, May 21, 2004
  4. Toine

    Toine Guest

    Hi Ron,

    Thanks for your feedback. I must have been a bit tired after some
    frustrating hours, when I posted my problem yesterday. The WAP isn't
    on the broadcast address but on I did turn off WEP to
    make it as simple as possible.
    I'll take up your advice and will reset everything to default and try

    Toine, May 21, 2004
  5. Toine

    David Taylor Guest

    You shouldn't have to buy a hub. A access point should be able to
    For two wireless devices you don't need an access point either as long
    as the devices are within range of each other. (Not just restricted to
    just two machines either).

    David Taylor, Aug 13, 2005
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