Wireless-ethernet bridge with WPA-PSK (AES) ?

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by bc20, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. bc20

    bc20 Guest

    Is there not a wireless-ethernet bridge ("gaming adapter") that supports
    WPA-PSK (AES) ?

    I've bought two from a local store only to return them because they don't do
    AES. I told them I would keep purchasing and returning until the
    manufacturers learn to put full specifications on the box. If they just
    list WEP and WPA-PSK, HTF are you supposed to know if WPA-PSK is both TKIP
    and AES?

    Thought about ordering online, but I sent an email to a couple manufacturers
    asking if specific bridges support AES but they babble talk and refuse to
    give a clear answer. Probably because they don't have a clue.

    What is WPA2? Is WPA2 the same thing as "WPA-PSK (AES)" ? Would I bridge
    that says WPA2 on the box work with "WPA-PSK (AES)" ?

    bc20, Feb 24, 2009
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  2. bc20

    Char Jackson Guest

    I believe dd-wrt supports WPA-PSK AES, in case you're willing to go
    that route. That's what I would do.
    Char Jackson, Feb 24, 2009
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  3. bc20

    bc20 Guest

    Apparently, AES is part of the WPA2 spefication, but some manufactuers
    started using AES earlier in WPA1 in a "non standard" sort of way.

    I need a bridge that can talk to an AP using WPA1-PSK-AES. I tried using
    WPA2 on a bridge, but it doesn't work. After digging further, I read that
    even though the encryption matches, WPA1 and WPA2 have different broadcast
    flags. So, WPA1-PSK-AES will only talk to WPA1-PSK-AES... :(

    And there is zero way of knowing if XYZ bridge does WPA1-PSK-AES because the
    full specs aren't written on the web sites, let alone the box. Asking a
    sales drone is also a waste of time too. They stare like a deer caught in
    bc20, Feb 27, 2009
  4. bc20

    bc20 Guest

    Found one that works. Linksys WET54G, H/W Version 3.1

    The setup lists both TKIP and AES for WPA1. (It also has both for WPA2.)

    Sure enough, when WPA1 is selected with AES, it connected fine, but when
    WPA2 is selected with AES it doesn't connect.
    Nor does it connect when TKIP is selected for either.
    bc20, Feb 28, 2009
  5. bc20

    bc20 Guest

    Yeah, that emulator is also old as well. The newest software firmware has
    both WPA and WPA2 in the drop down box. (Along with WEP, Radius, etc.)
    AES/TKIP are selectable for both WPA and WPA2. The only combination that I
    got it finally working with was WPA and AES.

    I'm not sure what router or AP they were using at the place I needed the
    bridge at. All I know is that it was a Linksys.

    I have a AP at home that also does WPA1-PSK-AES. (It doesn't even have
    WPA2). It is the DLink DWL-7100AP

    If my reading was correct, AES was intended for WPA2, but some manufacturers
    "snuck" it into WPA1 early, making WPA1-PSK-AES a proprietary "non standard"
    Also read that even though the encryption matches with WPA2, there are major
    differences with the other protocols, so the two (WPA1-PSK-AES and
    WPA2-PSK-AES) can't talk to one another...

    Ya'd think they (manufacturers) would have wanted to prevent confusion...
    Oh well...
    bc20, Feb 28, 2009
  6. bc20

    bc20 Guest

    bc20, Feb 28, 2009
  7. bc20

    bc20 Guest

    Yeah, the whole WPA1-PSK-AES thing threw me off at first too. I also
    thought that WPA1-PSK-AES was "WPA2", but it is its own animal...

    The Sony PS3 and PSP, along with with Nintendo Wii, support WPA1-PSK-AES (in
    addition to WPA2). WPA1-PSK-AES are given as a seperate option...
    bc20, Mar 12, 2009
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