Wireless Connection OK but IE7 cannot display web pages

Discussion in 'Wireless Networks' started by Chris A., Aug 21, 2007.

  1. Chris A.

    Chris A. Guest

    The house has broadband (via cable). My PC has a wired connection to a
    wireless router; my Daughter's laptop has a wireless connection to the same
    router. We both use XP Home with all updates; both run AVG anti-virus and
    Zone Alarm Firewall. Until yesterday we had few problems. My PC is still fine
    but suddenly IE7 on the laptop cannot display web pages.

    The wireless connection still appears to be fine with an excellent signal.
    The Router's diagnostic's log recognises the laptop switching on and sends
    the usual acknowledgement. I have disabled the laptop's connection and
    re-enabled it. I have also rebooted the wireless router.

    I have tried to follow advice given in other posts, and from the laptop I
    have successfully pinged the Default Gateway Address and
    (which is the BBC in London, I think).

    I have tried a wired connection from the laptop to the router but get
    exactly the same results.

    It may be that I inadvertantly did something yesterday just prior to this
    problem. I was sorting a performance issue between Word 2000 and Norton on
    the laptop following the advice given in Article 329820 but it seemed to work
    successfully. I then deleted a couple of redundant desktop icons. At this
    point I am fairly sure (but could not swear to it) that IE7 was still
    working. The only other thing I did was try out the bluetooth connection
    between my new phone and the laptop. That seemed to go well so I tried to
    send a picture from my phone to the laptop. That did not work so after a
    couple of tries I gave up.

    Before switching off the laptop, I tried IE7 - but by this point the problem
    was certainly evident.

    Sorry to go on at length but I have tried to be as comprehensive as possible.

    Suggestions would be welcome. The above trouble shooting that I have done
    may suggest that I have a better understanding than I really do so please
    keeps things as simple as possible. My Daughter goes off to university soon
    so I need to get this sorted. (It's usually the kids who mess up their
    parent's computers, not the other way round!). Many thanks.
    Chris A., Aug 21, 2007
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  2. Chris A.

    MadDog Guest

    You're running AVG Free AND Norton (Anti-virus ?) on the laptop ?? If so, I
    would think that the two anti-virus programs would interfere with each other.

    MadDog, Aug 21, 2007
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  3. Chris A.

    Chris A. Guest

    No, not running both. Sorry for confusion.

    The laptop came with a 90-day Norton trial but as we have used AVG for years
    we did not activate it (Norton). But after a week or so and my Daughter had
    installed a lot of stuff she wanted (eg MSM) the laptop was taking so long to
    boot that we identified a number of things that we neither necessary nor
    wanted. As it was a new laptop I didn't want to start uninstalling things too
    early so I disabled them instead. This led to the performance issue between
    Norton and Word 2000 (which would take five minutes to open). So I
    temporarily enabled Norton (but did not activate it) changed the settings
    suggested in the article referred to and disabled it again. Word now opens in
    a couple of seconds. So to recap, Norton is disabled but AVG is running. And
    there have been no problems with this arrangement for the past six months
    (apart from Word being slow to open). Hope this clarifies things.
    Chris A., Aug 21, 2007
  4. Jack \(MVP-Networking\)., Aug 21, 2007
  5. Chris A.

    Chris A. Guest

    Hi Jack

    Thank you for these links. I will be working through the suggestions given
    over the next few days and will report back.

    Chris A., Aug 23, 2007
  6. Chris A.

    Chris A. Guest

    Hi Jack

    Worked through steps/checks/fixes suggested in the links provided.
    Everything checked out ok and the fixes made no difference. It rather looked
    like a re-install of IE7 would be needed. However, given that I had been
    messing with with Norton(albeit a disabled Norton) just prior to the problem,
    I thought I would look at that again before going any further. I unistalled
    Norton completely and that seems to have done the trick. No idea why!

    Nonetheless, I am grateful for your help and have learned some useful stuff
    along the way which may come in useful again some day.


    Chris A., Aug 29, 2007
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