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Discussion in 'Wireless Networks' started by Big_Al, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. Big_Al

    Big_Al Guest

    I'm running a Dell Inspiron 6000, XP MCE 2005, SP3, and wireless. The
    balloon tip keeps popping up saying 'connected'. Oh maybe every 10-30
    minutes or so. I sorta thought I had a lousy connection to the
    router or too many people in the area and it was just doing its thing
    (thankfully) and re-connecting. This has been a long term issue. Not
    even sure if April's virgin load was better or if it popped up somewhere
    along the line after that and while doing updates (sp3 etc), I think its
    been here forever. Anyway it just popped up a few seconds ago and I
    opened the connection and it says status connected but for 19+ minutes.
    So I take it that I did not 're-connect' but its just being contrary
    and occasionally letting me know its working.... :) But I'd like it
    not to remind me, is this possible? However I want my cake and eat it
    too, when the connection is not made for some reason, let me know the
    down side.
    Oh, the check box for 'Notify me when this connection has limited or...'
    is unchecked.
    Big_Al, Oct 10, 2008
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