WINS statistics question: Does this look like something is wrong?

Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by Jason W., May 31, 2007.

  1. Jason W.

    Jason W. Guest

    Ok. So I have been working to build a hub and spoke type setup for our
    network here.
    We have AD and one domain. We have 6 sites with a WINS server at each

    I have configured the WINS server at our HQ office to be our hub, and
    all the sites to be the spokes. I did this in the WINS snap-in and
    setting the replication partners to all the other sites. I made sure
    that the other sites only replicate to our HQ WINS server.

    Is that the correct way to set that up? looking at some statistics today on our HQ WINS server, I was
    a little alarmed.

    Do these look right?

    Total Queries: 500,525
    Records Found: 33,431
    Records Not found: 467,094

    Total Releases: 1,975
    Records Found: 1,971
    Records Not found: 4

    Unique Registrations: 1,568
    Conflicts: 1,248
    Renewals: 5,775

    Group Registrations: 1,879
    Conflicts: 383
    Renewals: 4,176

    Total registrations received: 3,447

    In the WINS Partner replication area, I show the WINS server for the
    sites. There are no replication failures.

    Does this look right?

    Jason W., May 31, 2007
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