WINS replication issue - periodic replication not occurring

Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by arrowman, May 26, 2005.

  1. arrowman

    arrowman Guest


    I have 11 servers at 11 locations in my organization. 1 is a PDC/WINS
    server and the other 10 are BDC/WINS servers. All of them are Windows NT 4.0

    The PDC/WINS was recently replaced (the old PDC/WINS was retired after being
    replaced by this new server). This new PDC/WINS server will not perform a
    periodic replication. I have found that as records change at our branch
    locations, the change never makes it to my PDC/WINS server. If I force
    replication manually, the records are updated as I would expect. After the
    manual replication, reviewing the event log on the PDC/WINS server yields
    some informational events (4237,4239, and 4121).

    Event ID 4237 - WINS could not get the update count from a PUSH record (10
    entries - 1 for every branch WINS server)

    Event ID 4239 - WINS could not get the time interval from a PULL record (10
    entries - 1 for every branch WINS server)

    Event ID 4121 - WINS''s Replicator could not find any records in the WINS
    database. This means there are no active or tombstone records in the
    database. It could be that the records being requested by a remote WINS
    server have either been released or do not exist.

    Examining the statistics page in the WINS manager on the PDC/WINS server, a
    periodic replication time never appears. On every other WINS server, this
    updates regularly based on the default configuration of WINS. WINS
    resolution works at every location and manual replication successfully
    updates records throughout the organization.

    I'm not sure what to look at next. I would appreciate any advice you can
    provide me.

    arrowman, May 26, 2005
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