WinNT domain and Win2k Domain on same physical backbone

Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by bu, Aug 13, 2004.

  1. bu

    bu Guest

    I have a client who has just moved an NT-based network from a remote site
    into their building, which already runs a Win2k-based network. Both servers
    are domain controllers, the NT network is on a different IP segment (
    routing is being done on a Cisco router so they can see each other ), and
    all machines from both networks are on the same physical LAN backbone.

    Someone suggested the other day that mixing 2 domains and 2 segments on the
    same physical backbone can "confuse" communcations between the two
    domain-networks and result in performance issues/strange network behaviors.
    He mentioned "browser announcements" and netbui requests getting confused
    with actual IP addresses... ( ?! )

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this? It seems to me that as long as DNS
    and Wins are functional/correctly configured and that routing is correctly
    configured, there wouldn't be an issue...

    bu, Aug 13, 2004
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  2. It will be fine. As long as the domain name are not the same there shouldn't
    be any 'confusion'. Also since they are on different subnets and the router
    should not be forwarding broadcasts there shouldn't be extra network
    traffic. Doesn't sound there a problem to me.
    Scott Harding - MS MVP, Aug 13, 2004
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  3. bu

    bu Guest

    actually, the router is forwarding broadcasts.... though I sniffed the
    network for about 15 minutes only picked up about 14 broadcasts coming off
    the other segment...
    bu, Aug 13, 2004
  4. No it won't. That is the whole point in having one. They will only forward
    "specific" broadcasts they you set them up to do. DHCP Querys are one such
    example. If it is forwarding broadcasts that it should not, then turn those
    off in the router config.
    Phillip Windell, Aug 16, 2004
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