WIN 98 not logging onto W2K Domain

Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by Rajesh, Sep 16, 2004.

  1. Rajesh

    Rajesh Guest


    I have a WIN 98 Client with the IP ADdress
    & a W2K server with the IP Address & we
    have a router & a layer 2 switch installed. This Switch &
    Router doesnot have any restriction entered into the
    router or switch config.

    But still i am unable to login from win98 cleint to w2k
    domain even though i have active director cleint ofro
    win98 installed.

    can someone help on this.??

    Rajesh, Sep 16, 2004
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  2. You need to set up some kind of name resolution so the 98 client can access
    the server. 98 won't use DNS for this. You need to either put your DC on
    the same subnet, use a lmhosts file or set up a WINS server.
    Rob Elder MVP-Networking, Sep 18, 2004
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