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Discussion in 'Home Networking' started by Ian Diddams, Sep 30, 2004.

  1. Ian Diddams

    Ian Diddams Guest

    scenari - small soho lan in home office (a shed in the garden!)
    comprising sun solaris, redhat linux and win98 servers and
    desktops/laptops. These connected by a 8 port hub to a smoothwall
    firewall (very old 486) and thence to boradband via a DLink 300G+.
    Everything hunky dory.

    We noe have need of a laptop connection inside the main house, 20m max
    away. One solution is to wire a LAN point to the house, but this is
    both hassle and of course typically "fixes" the use of the laptop to
    one place in the house.

    Wifi is the logical answer of course. However, the smoothwall box is
    so old it doesn't have any PCI slots so a normal wifi card is
    unfeasible (as to all intents and purposes is a replacement firewll
    base). One solution is the Xbox "adaptors" that basically connect to
    a system via UTP and provide a wireless connection.

    Howver, having done some research it appears that in fact the
    cheapeast solution would be to get a wireless router with cable hub
    ports and a wifi point - and of course which typically also includes a
    NAT'd firewall and dhcp server etc. and then just ditch the smoothwall
    server (well, maybe - see later).

    So - cutting to the chase, and with price very pertinent, I have
    identified a couple of products that would appear to do the job; the
    Linksys BEFW11S4 and the CNET CWR-500. Other options could be a
    Belkin F5D6231 and an Aries WIR4000.

    Hs anybody any experience - good or bad - with these accompanied by
    any recommendations/definite no-nos? I really am loath to go down a
    route that will prove to be useless/problem filled, especially having
    a IT-wary spouse who while embracing technology as a concept has no
    time for "stuff that doesn't work" (and I do sympathise with her

    I presume that wil the above kit the basic scenario would be

    Internet - DLink300G+ - Wifi Router - cable to existing hub - cable to
    - cable to systems
    - wifi lan to laptop

    I was toying with the thought of situating the smoothwall firewall
    (purely because it is there and I haven't a use for a 486 otherwise!)
    between the wifi router and the existing hub and in so doing creating
    a second tier of firewall protection... thoughts? pointless?


    Ian Diddams, Sep 30, 2004
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