What's your computer's name? [OT]

Discussion in 'Linux Networking' started by Guest, Feb 19, 2004.

  1. Hello from Gregg C Levine
    Mine are all named Doctor Who. Why? Because the Doctor has gone through Eight
    so far of his Thirteen lives. And besides I'm a fan. And yes, I'm running Slackware
    9.1, soon to be running the latest security fix for that distribution. This one is the
    Fifth Doctor. When my normal work unit is running, he's the Third Doctor. (He's
    currently on vacation.)
    Gregg C Levine drwho8 atsign att dot net
    Gregg C Levine, Feb 19, 2004
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  2. Current selection is robinton, mnementh, ramoth, canth, piemur, jaxom,
    menolly, sharra, sebell, bigmac and ozone. (The last two are Power Macs)

    Some people might recognise the common theme :)

    I obviously got things mixed up somewhere, given my choice of domain name.

    Dave {Reply Address in.sig}, Feb 19, 2004
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  3. Yes, but we didn't hear you. :)
    It would be kind of nice to name the Linux/Unix boxes on a network
    after the good gods, while you could call the Windoze boxes things
    like beelzebub, azazel, pluto, etc.
    I know I didn't.

    But as for my home network, I have the following:

    amicjg - "AMIga" followed by my initials
    amidon - the Amiga once used by my wife Donna
    darkstar - AcerNote 370 laptop running Slackware 7, default name
    genesis-cjg - Windows 98, used for development work on the dark side.
    (Hey, a guy's gotta eat.) I used to call this one gateshit (a name
    gleaned from alt.folklore.computers for its editorial value), but
    one Friday evening I was dialed into a customer site with PC-Anywhere
    and their end hung. The following Monday morning the customer came
    in and found that their machine thought that a connection to someone
    called "gateshit" was still up and had been for something like 58
    hours. They thought they were being hacked. We decided that a
    more discreet name was in order.
    aiello - NT4, inherited from its previous owner
    scosysv - a 386 running SCO 3.2v4.2
    donnalap - my wife's laptop
    boat-anchor - another Win98 box, since shipped off to my sister
    puffy - OpenBSD 3.3, named after the mascot
    tuxmove - Toshiba Satellite 4100 laptop running Slackware 9.1
    (Tux the penguin, on the move)
    Charlie Gibbs, Feb 19, 2004
  4. Guest

    Cichlidiot Guest

    Woah boy, slow down... that read so fast my head is just spinning, hehe.

    As for my machines, it all started with the meeting of a MUD and a love of
    aquariums. One of my first nicks online was "mudpuppy" and when spam
    obscuring my email on newsgroups, I would put "mudpuddle" in the email and
    have a sig that said "I may live in a mudpuddle, but my email address does
    not". So that led to the following naming scheme with a few exceptions:

    mudpuddle - my good old standby p2 450 that runs my MUD
    pond - my P3 1Ghz laptop, dual boot Slack & W2k
    lake - my new AMD Barton "3000" Shuttle mini-PC, dual boot Slack & W2k
    stream - the router/firewall

    Machine names are in increasing order of processing power and the router
    is stream because it connects all my machinely bodies of water.

    The exceptions are:

    alpha - my Alphastation, doesn't get much use these days (fans are loud).
    Name is pretty self-obvious. My cat used to think it was his perch until I
    put the printer on top of it, heh.

    hell - my old Via Shuttle mini-PC, name comes from my MUD in a round-about
    way. The mud is called Malevolence and based on the Heaven7 mudlib, so we
    started calling our devel port the "7th Level of Hell" after a few bad
    run-ins with the developers of Heaven7. I use this machine as my
    development "wipe-and-go" machine, so I named it "hell" after the devel
    port for my MUD. Occasionally it gets called other 4-letter things, but
    we'll not go into that right now, heh.

    There's also the unnamed machine in the corner (P2 300) that used to run
    my mud at a co-loc site and suffered enough damage when shipped back that
    it is basically a cat perch now. It probably could run with a new case and
    some hardware, but I have enough running machines as it is.
    Cichlidiot, Feb 19, 2004
  5. my linux box is called frog and my windows virtual machine is called
    monkey, when it decides to work. i think im going to call my next one
    something along the lines of fridge (because its going to be an antiquated
    piece of shit and fridges are huge)
    Matthew Robinson, Feb 19, 2004
    Hash: SHA1

    Et circa horam 02/19/04 15:49, clamavit Rich Grise:

    | Well, anyway, what do you call your computer(s)?

    At home: decadence

    At work: I named computers after some characters from an old Polish TV
    series (still very popular in Poland) called "Czterej pancerni i pies"
    ("The Four Armored Ones and the Dog"); it was a series about a four
    men crew of a tank and their dog in WW2. So, these computers are:

    szarik (the dog)
    janek (a young soldier, tank crew)
    gustlik (another soldier, tank crew)

    I work sometimes on two other computers which I had not named and they

    kastor (one of two identical servers working together, so its
    "twinbrother" is of course pollux)
    sunrise (probably because it runs Sun)


    - --
    Im wyzszy postawisz sobie cel, tym bardziej bedziesz samotny.
    (R. Kapuscinski)
    Version: GnuPG v1.2.3 (GNU/Linux)

    -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----
    =?ISO-8859-2?Q?=22Jacek_K=2E_B=B3aszkowski=22?=, Feb 19, 2004
  7. Guest

    Alex Guest

    Hi Rich,

    Interesting topic :) I've often wondered this myself. But first, one
    things I was curious about...
    Didn't Slackware start around 1993 and Linux wasn't even around until
    1991. Just nitpicking :)

    My computers, whether Linux, Windows, or Mac are generally named after
    old computers, or on occasion location. My main system running Slack
    9.1 is 'TRS-80', my dial-up server running RH 7.3 is 'Amiga', my
    PowerMac is 'AppleII', my Windows 98 box (for gaming) is 'Commodore',
    and my garage PC running Slack 9.1 (yes I have a PC in the garage) is
    simply 'GaragePC'. Oh, and my laptop running Slack 9.1 is 'Penguin'.

    In the early days, I stuck with Star Trek ship names, like
    'Enterprise', 'Reliant', 'Excelsior', etc. This got confusing during
    LUG meetings and LAN Parties because if you get more then 8 nerds on a
    network, you're bound to have at least 2 computers named 'Enterprise'.

    Take care,

    Alex, Feb 19, 2004
  8. Guest

    Brian Guest

    On Thu, 19 Feb 2004 14:49:03 +0000, Rich Grise wrote:

    Win2k/SuSE 8.2 multiboot p4 2.6GHz 2GB RAM - bluewhale, because it's in a
    large dark charcoal case with blue LEDs. (geddit?)

    Redhat 7.3 net gateway/mail box PIII 850MHz 768MB RAM - gate. (yeah,
    original it ain't but it's utterly reliable)

    Win98/SuSE 8.1/Redhat 7.3 multiboot PIII 850MHz 768 MB RAM - calliope,
    because it's the one I used most for MIDI/music apps.
    bluewhale is doing most of that now so a rebuild/rechristening is due.

    Win95b clunker 486-100 384MB RAM - orlando, I think just because it sounds
    nice. Was a Windows development box (Delphi), those days are long gone
    since Linux arrived so it just does the occasional accounts work now.

    Win95a pile 486-33 128MB RAM - ermintrude, because it's a real cow to get
    anything running at a useful speed. (cf. "The Magic Roundabout")
    Was used for DOS/Pascal development work, pretty well retired these days.
    This heap is in need of a decent burial - I thought maybe pushing it out
    to sea in a burning boat, Viking-style with looming thunderclouds and
    crows flapping overhead. <cue Wagner>

    Redhat 6.<mumble> 486-33 with a massive 16MB RAM - oldbox
    Currently being used as a doorstop/spare seat.

    Brian, Feb 19, 2004
  9. Server is called Redhat since it has redhat on it.
    Dell desktop is called Dell
    Gateway desktop is called Gateway
    My laptop is called GKH-Laptop (initials)

    Very original I know...
    George Hewitt, Feb 19, 2004
  10. All right, here goes:

    main desktop: apollo (AthlonXP, 512MB, mandrake cooker *shame*)
    Alpha PWS: saturn (EV56, 512MB, gentoo)
    main notebook: athena (PIII, 256MB, slackware-current)
    play-around-with box: gentoo-ppro (Pentium Pro, 128MB, gentoo/BeOSMAX 3.0)
    old laptop: mercur (486, 20MB, slackware-9.1 again soon, i hope...)
    really old box: pizza (486, 8MB, slackware-9.1, fun! really flat, thus the name)

    not named yet:

    old HP workstation (HP apollo 720, PA7000, 16MB, hp-ux 9.05 preinstalled)

    All those gods in there come from the fact that I needed lots of names at once,
    so I went the easy way and chose a large field to pick names out of. Need a
    better name for the little gentoo box some time, but I can't think of any
    ancient god that fits it...(pluto is taken by someone else on that net.
    hephaistos maybe?) And sadly, the HP apollo won't get "apollo" as its already
    taken. Something like "Ra" will have to do, I guess. Or something that reflects
    its age somehow.

    Stephan Hurler, Feb 20, 2004
  11. Guest

    Alan Hicks Guest

    In alt.os.linux.slackware, Alex dared to utter,
    Slackware 1.0 came out in 1993. There were several earlier versions of
    Alan Hicks, Feb 20, 2004
  12. Guest

    Rich Grise Guest

    Heh - yeah. In the 1980's I was doing bench tech work on video games
    and pinballs, (and scrounging uP's and building TV typewriters &
    hardware drivers & stuff at home) and working part time upstairs
    with CP/M and MP/M on an 8085/8088 (or maybe 8086) machine from,
    I think, CompuPro or Cromemco or something like that.

    The PC had just come out, and they cost about as much as a car, IIRC.

    Rich Grise, Feb 20, 2004
  13. Guest

    Woody Bevill Guest

    Being a Larry Niven fan I went for...
    O2 modeling workstation: barsoom
    Sun U30 workstation: heorot
    O2 number cruncher: footfall
    Windoze nt4 pain: crashland
    SGI Octane: wemadeit
    my xp/dos/slack9.1 dell laptop: woohoo

    Woody Bevill, Feb 20, 2004
  14. Guest

    Yeechang Lee Guest

    Linux server: Dobie
    iBook: Zelda
    Sony CliƩ: Maynard
    Yeechang Lee, Feb 20, 2004
  15. Bocks as in Box :)

    Brian Arundell, Feb 20, 2004
  16. Rich Grise wrote:

    My Slack box is called - SL (Slackware Linux; ok, ok, not very creative!).

    My Win98 box is called "lazy" - (used to) have to reboot it afer every 3 or
    4 hours of use, or after running some IE windows together with another
    application, due to the massive (and increasing) slowdown that would follow
    (probably because of memory leaks). Horrible. Really became my Wintendo.
    Still, when playing some games, I had to reboot after 2 or 3 matches.
    Paulo R. Dallan, Feb 20, 2004
  17. Guest

    athol Guest

    Tweety (PII-300, win98) approaching reassignment when I can
    get all needed win apps working properly with wine.
    Sylvester (486DX4-100) answering/fax machine, getting retired
    when I add eavesdrop mode to mgetty.
    Butch (Black IBM P-75 notebook) should replace...
    Gran (586-100 firewall) to be retired when replaced by tweety.
    Marvin (P4-2.4GHz/533FSB) file/CUPS server, wife uses.
    Elmer (P4-2.6GHz/800FSB HT with dual 19" CRTs) my toy.

    I've got fluffy tweety and sylvester, can't get others. :-(
    athol, Feb 20, 2004
  18. The desktop is fubar, the laptop is snafu (they used to be winders
    Thomas Ronayne, Feb 20, 2004
  19. Datagram from Rich Grise incoming on netlink socket
    The general pattern I use is:


    Where OSTYPE is string characterizing OS it runs: L is Linux, W is Windows
    (didn't have to think about any others yet)

    MACHINENUM is number of the machine in roman numerals, I is my anicient 25MHz
    486, II is my old 233MHz Pentium, III is 750MHz Pentium3, and IV is this
    machine: 450MHz Pentium3. Don't ask why they got that way...

    INSTALLCOUNT is installation number counter, omitted if 1 (I used to play
    root a lot with this machine earlier...)

    Ilari Liusvaara, Feb 20, 2004
  20. Guest

    bgeer Guest

    beorn: Athlon 1200 open air motherboard desktop Slackware
    [Werebear from the hobbit, not the tennis player misspelled!!!]

    toaster: Shuttle XPC Athlon XP 1900 Slackware - cost a lot less than
    a laptop, is eminently luggable, use it for my oracle classes
    [named for it's shape, not how hot it is/runs - I'm
    periodically tempted to glue half slices of burned bread on
    the top of it!]

    natasha: Athlon 700 tower Slackware/Win98 with big disk for archive
    [so-named 'cause it was s'posed to be my NAT/Firewall machine]

    sebastion: Cyrix 6x86 NAT/Firewall way-old beater
    [se-bastion - get it? :-]

    cyrus: Cyrix 6x86 beater - will install some flavor of RT Linux RSN

    fideau: 486sx laptop slackware
    [a real dog...groan]

    rover: Pentium 100 laptop slackware
    [a little less doggie]

    chico: Chicony laptop PentiumII 400 Win98 [my wife's]

    olney: Athlon 700 tower Win2k
    [my wife's - she's from Olney Springs]

    Aren't computer names fun?!?!?!?
    bgeer, Feb 20, 2004
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