What is Virtualization

Discussion in 'General Networking Discussion' started by kondal, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. kondal


    Oct 2, 2010
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    * Virtualization is technology that transforms hardware into software.
    * Virtualization allows you to run multiple Operating Systems as virtual Machines on a single computer
    * Each copy of an operating system is installed into a virtual machine.
    * Virtualization is not simulation and emulation

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    kondal, Oct 6, 2010
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  2. kondal


    Mar 26, 2011
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    however virtualization is never as accurate as the real thing, which virtualization is based upon, its a way of running images, in similar fashion to daemon tools... just at an operating system level and runs under an emulated BIOS (there is no secondary CMOS/BIOS chip onboard for it is there?)

    Virtualization generally runs as sandboxed but can utilise approved hardware, for which some hardware is still limited --- in terms of FULL support, it also does not increase security or resiliency.... the hardware dies in the host, bye bye virtual server!

    i.e. if theres a problem with the host's security and an application exploit for the virtualization software you're running or the host's hardware! :)

    its design was mainly to allow the user to dual boot operating systems simultaniously, from the same hardware and help developers... anything else is sales talk!

    talking from experience, even developing with virtualisation is an effort as it does NOT reflect the real thing!
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2011
    koolholio, Mar 26, 2011
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