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Discussion in 'Home Networking' started by Otto Sump, Jul 20, 2003.

  1. Otto Sump

    Otto Sump Guest

    Currently I have three home PC's networked via a D-Link DE-805TP,3x10/100
    MBS Fast Ethernet PCI Adapters (RJ45). The network runs great, me and the
    kids have loads of fun utilising the network for playing games, sharing the
    printer and ultimately internet access. The only drawback is that my PC
    being the gateway computer means it must be booted up and connected to the
    net before the kids can. It's a waste of resources and not a very green
    option. Ultimately I would like it so if my son requires net access from his
    room he only has to start his PC, if the daughters need access they can also
    start theirs without the need to have mine constantly running in the
    background. I've discussed the topic with a couple of lads at work but came
    away more confused, they tell me I need a "router" or "switched hubs" or a
    "4 way switch with broadband router built in", all I need is advice from
    somebody in laymans terms, or an address or person who can supply me with
    the hardware.
    Thankyou all who took the time out to read my posting.
    Dennis Co Whitehaven Cumbria
    Otto Sump, Jul 20, 2003
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  2. Otto Sump

    Rob Morley Guest

    What type of internet connection have you got?
    Rob Morley, Jul 20, 2003
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  3. Otto Sump

    Otto Sump Guest

    Sorry for not stating, I am using ADSL broadband to connect to the internet
    via an internal PCI device with "Pipex" as my ISP, thankyou for the prompt
    Otto Sump, Jul 21, 2003
  4. Otto Sump

    Rob Morley Guest

    Something like this would give you an all-in-one solution - it replaces
    your existing PCI modem and 10baseT hub:
    Like most of this type/price it only has four ethernet ports - if you're
    using all five ports on your existing hub you'll need to spend a bit
    I just picked these as examples of the sort of kit that would probably
    best suit your needs, there are other solutions. If you're only using
    four ports in your hub you could get a modem/router that doesn't
    incorporate a switch and plug it into your existing hub - this probably
    won't be much cheaper, but could be useful if you want to locate the
    modem some distance from the hub. You can spend considerably more to
    get routers that have powerful firewalls that allow things like VPN, but
    it's quite possible that would be more than you need.
    http://www.adslguide.org.uk/hardware/reviews/ has reviews of some of the
    more popular hardware, and might give you some idea of the
    prices/features that are available. The basic functionality of most of
    the kit is much the same, but there are variations in ease of use and
    the level of support that you can expect from the manufacturer - if you
    buy something that no-one's ever heard of you'll likely be out of luck
    when it comes to upgrading the firmware, for instance, and you might be
    happier with something that's easy to configure rather than something
    with powerful features but an impenetrable user interface.
    Rob Morley, Jul 21, 2003
  5. Otto Sump

    BRG Guest

    Agree with Rob's response.

    1) The type of device you need is generally called an "ADSL
    Router" or ADSL Gateway Router". Beware of the similarly-titled
    species "Cable/DSL Router" which doesn't contain an ADSL modem.

    2) Mainstream brands to look at include: D-Link, Netgear, Linksys,
    Eicon, Belkin.

    3) Your existing hub is a 10Mbps unit: a 4-port ADSL Router would
    boost your local network speed to 100Mbps, but it won't change your
    Internet connection speed.
    BRG, Jul 21, 2003
  6. Otto Sump

    Otto Sump Guest

    Thankyou for your kind advice Rob & BRG, I've ordered the D-Link DSL-504
    ADSL Router from the Lan shop this afternoon.
    Thankyou again
    Otto Sump, Jul 21, 2003
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