Warning over wildlife - The largest deaths are of those bred for pro hunt fun. a

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    Pro hunt groups should be made to pay for the carnage on our roads due
    in no small part to their breeding of game species, and maintaining of
    maximum breeding rates for deer and other species, caused by their
    Warning over wildlife
    Published: 12/03/2008


    MOTORISTS have been warned to watch out for wildlife after new
    research showed that an estimated one million animals are killed on
    Britain’s roads every year.

    Research for the Post Office also showed that deer accidents alone
    accounted for injuries to 500 motorists, including more than 100
    serious or fatal crashes.

    Costs for repairs to vehicles involved in animal collisions were
    estimated at more than £17million, said the Post Office, adding that
    the “peak period” for wild animal-related road accidents was imminent.

    The postal group announced it was working with the People’s Trust for
    Endangered Species and the Deer Initiative to raise awareness of how
    to avoid accidents with wild animals, and what to do in the event of a

    Richard Pennant-Jones, head of motor insurance at the Post Office,
    said: “We want to encourage UK drivers to watch out for wildlife and
    help reduce the number of collisions with animals and birds by being
    extra vigilant at key times of the year when animals are migrating and
    most likely to venture on to the nation’s roads.

    “It’s not just country roads where drivers need to beware of wild
    animals crossing – each year, an estimated 20,000 urban foxes are
    killed on roads in UK towns and cities.

    “Birds are also at risk, with an estimated 10million killed on the
    roads each year. Three million are pheasants, and for increasingly
    rare species such as barn owls, a worrying 3,000 juvenile birds are
    killed by motor vehicles annually.”
    ( _ /), Mar 13, 2008
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