WAP54G and Speed 1.0 Mbps

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by Robban, Aug 21, 2004.

  1. Robban

    Robban Guest

    Is there someone out there who can explain the following.
    My wireless connection between the Linksys access point WAP54G (G-mode, WPA,
    firmware 2.08) and the USB adapter WUSB54G (firmware 1.08.0) was working
    very well before a short break: signal level = excellent and a speed
    indication of 54 Mbps.
    So far so good.

    When I fired up the equipment after a few days (same equipment, same place
    in the house), the wireless connection was still there and surfing the Net
    seems to work as good as before.

    BUT ... the Linksys monitor and Network connections - Status are showing a
    speed of 1.0 Mbps.
    I have restarted the PC, AP, disabled/enabled WPA but the speed stays at 1.0

    Any ideas?

    p.s. I didn't had the opportunity yet to test the AP with another wireless
    device or use a PC with another WLAN card.
    Something to try when I get can access to other equipment.
    Robban, Aug 21, 2004
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  2. Robban

    Robban Guest

    Hi again,
    The problem has been solved by removing the USB adapter from the system with
    the Device Manager (an Uninstall though the Control Panel didn't work).
    Connect the USB adapter again => new device found and configured as ...
    Wireless Connection 3.
    The speed is back to 54 Mbps.

    Two questions though:
    - Any idea what could have messed up my connection?

    Robban, Aug 21, 2004
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  3. Robban

    PJB Guest

    are you certain the actual connexion ws running at 1Mb, or
    showing as 1Mb?. My 108G stuff usually shows 11Mb, but
    shifts up a few gears when required..

    PJB, Aug 21, 2004
  4. Robban

    Robban Guest

    Hard to say if the real speed was 1 Mbps. I only know that the speed
    indication during the last month always showed 54 Mbps (sometimes 24 Mbps,
    but never lower than that).
    The "1.0 Mbps problem" was gone after the new install.

    Robban, Aug 21, 2004
  5. On Sat, 21 Aug 2004 19:55:17 +0200, Robban spoketh
    Could be interference from many things... You could have neighbors with
    wireless network equipment or cordless phone, microwave ovens. The
    indicated speed on my WLAN at home varies from 54Mbps to 1Mbps even with
    the "excellent" rating on signal strength.

    Try changing the channel on your WAP, and see if that improves your
    performance. It's possible that someone else has an access point using a
    channel close to yours, and that could cause the performance loss you
    are experiencing.

    Lars M. Hansen
    Remove "bad" from my e-mail address to contact me.
    "If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?"
    Lars M. Hansen, Aug 22, 2004
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