Want to connect two pc using wireless router, will this scenario work?

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by NM, Nov 20, 2003.

  1. NM

    NM Guest

    Hi All
    OK, here is the scenario. I have a desktop and a laptop which are
    currently connected together using crossover cable. I connect to internet
    using dialup connection :-( and has internet connection sharing ON. Now I
    want to get rid of the crossover cable for the connection. I am thinking of
    the following scenario. A wireless router (say D-Link DI-514 wireless
    router, which has also built-in 4 port switch) connected to the LAN card of
    my desktop (I am not sure whether this connection should be using standard
    cable or crossover cable, most likely crossover, but not sure). I already
    have a wireless LAN card in my desktop which I use in my office. The laptop
    will connect using the wireless LAN card. Also when I need faster connection
    speed (say copying large files) I will connect the laptop using a cable (not
    sure standard or crossover, most likely standard?) with the wireless router.
    Will this work? Can I share my internet connection in this way? I know it
    sounds funny to share dialup connection using fancy wireless router, but I
    mainly need to share content between the two PC.

    Thanks in advance

    NM, Nov 20, 2003
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  2. NM

    Alan Guest


    I know the type of setup you have through experence..

    I did for a long time use ICS through dial-up, four computers going through
    an eight port switch, hmmm could be a bind sometimes..

    Anyway. When ADSL was due in mid August, I purchased a DG824M Netgear
    router/wireless/ADSL modem, As ADSL wasnt in the area when I had the DG, I
    used it as a Hub for all my other comps, as it had the four RJ45 ports, and
    still used the dial-up with the other comps with no problem. and was able to
    use the wifi side too.

    Most NEW switches today will detect if the cable that is plugged in a
    Crossover or Standard cable (check the box before purchase) as then it wont
    really matter if you were to continue to use the crossover cable you have
    now, or purchase a new standard one.

    I use wireless for my laptop about the house, and like you, now and then I
    may need to transfer large files, which over the wifi could take time, so I
    use the LAN connection for the faster connection.

    As the cables go to an auto sensing hub, i can still use my crossover cable
    for the laptop, and and transfer my files, and still get on the internet if
    I wish to also.
    You would have to use Standard cables, if your Hub/Switch wasnt the Auto
    flavor type, and I am sure others here would prefer to use standard cables
    for all the connections anyway.

    If you use a Hub or a switch, which are connected to the same network as
    your Internet connection, then you would still be able to share your
    internet connection through your dial-up on your desktop machine.

    Alan, Nov 20, 2003
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  3. NM

    NM Guest

    OK. I have tried the following combination. Connected the LAN port of the PC
    with the LAN port (notice not WAN) of my wireless router (it has 4 LAN port
    and 1 WAN port) using ethernet cable. Then I connected the LAN port of my
    Laptop using ethernet cable to the LAN port of the wireless router. The WAN
    port of the wireless router is set a fixed IP address with
    subnet mask The WAN port is not connected to anything (since
    I want to share my network between my pc and laptop and may be share dialup
    connection of the pc). Both the LAN card of the PC and the Laptop is set to
    get IP address automatically. The IP address of the wireless router is and it is setup to act as a DHCP server. Everything works fine
    upto this point. The PC is assigned the IP address and the PC
    is assigned the IP address Both PC and Laptop can ping each
    other, can ping the wireless router and use windows filesharing.
    Now I removed the LAN card from the slot of Laptop and connected the
    Wireless Lan card. The card works fine in my office. The wireless router is
    setup with the same SSID as it is setup in the Wireless Lan card. WEP
    security is disabled. Wireless Lan card is setup to get IP address
    automatically. The Wireless Lan card gets IP address from the Wireless
    router. The assinged IP is The wireless Lan card shows
    excellent radio connection. But I cannot ping the wireless router
    ( or the PC ( The PC can ping the Wireless router
    but cannot ping the Laptop.
    Can someone please help?


    NM, Nov 21, 2003
  4. NM

    Alan Guest

    Having a good signal "connection" does not nessisarily mean that you are
    infact connected in the "Connected" sence.

    If you "Try" to connect to a network with WEP enabled, and your card is not
    WEP enabled, or has a different WEP key, it will still "Connect" however, as
    information will not be unscrambled your DHCP server cannot give out an IP
    address, this also works the other way round, If WEP is disabled on the
    router, but IS enabled on your lan card the same would be evident, by the
    means that you are unable to ping, or have the default IP address range of

    If your IP range is within the 169.254 please check your card settings...

    Alan, Nov 23, 2003
  5. NM

    Alan Guest

    If your IP range is within the 169.254 please check your card settings...

    Or MANUALLY assigned by you to a different IP like the one you have as or whatever

    Alan, Nov 23, 2003
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