WanadooProblems.co.uk NEW forum as I'm tired waiting for Wanadoo

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by wanadooproblems, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. I am commenting on an article I just read and I have the sam


    I have started a dedicated wanadooproblems forum:


    OK, you're wondering... Why the forum?

    (I am located in Central London - thought I'd add this as I have rea
    problems from locations all around the UK)

    Well, because it is now 29 March 2006 and I have not had my Wanado
    broadband connection (which I'm paying for still) since 7 Februar

    That's 7 weeks if my sums are correct.

    And in that 7 weeks, oh what fun I've had...

    It all started when my 2Mb connection (which I was very happy with) wa
    upgraded to 8Mb (in fact 0 Mb as you will see):

    I think I have spoken to every member of the Wanadoo Technical Suppor
    Team... But never the same person twice... And even when I do ask for
    person by name, I'm told that they "do not work at this call centre..
    We have lots of call centres... Do you have the person's extensio
    number?"... No I reply, when I asked for an extension number I was tol
    that these are not given out! "Well, because we have so many cal
    centres, it is not possible for me to locate that person... I will hel

    They then proceed to tell me that they will help me, I tell them that
    am sure they will not be able to as this problem has been occurring fo
    weeks now, but they insist... I tell them that I should speak to a tea
    leader, in fact I would like to speak to a team leader... "That's no
    possible. Our team leaders are in a meeting at the moment".

    They then proceed to tell me that they will put a fault through... Fo
    the umpteenth time. I tell them that this has been done previously, o
    many occasions. But they insist.

    And so the saga continues...

    And... I nearly forgot to mention that in the beginning, their helpfu
    Technical Support staff had me uninstalling, reinstalling, setting th
    Livebox back to manufacturers settings. Which, of course, I knew an
    (probably) they knew, would not and did not resolve the problem. An
    they still insist on asking me to do it - which I just refuse to d
    now... Then, is your username and password entered correctly - oh
    think so... It has been checked almost daily for the last 7 weeks!

    I will get some time and literally list every phone call I have made t
    Wanadoo in my "own" area of the forum! I have been quite meticulous i
    recording teh events of teh last 7 weeks.

    And still... No internet connection...

    By anybody's standards, this is somewhat unreasonable I believe.

    Well... here's to receiving a call from Wanadoo's legal departmen
    threatening to sue me over my site... Well... At least it should rais
    some awareness to the team leaders and the men (or women) at the top
    because, on the phones, it is impossible to get put through to thes

    Here's hoping I am back on-line soon...

    Please add your comments to this forum - WanadooProblems Forum

    Start a new thread, answer other queries posted by others... And yes..
    I think I can help with almost every possible situation now... Othe
    than mine!

    The only thing Wanadoo haven't asked me to do is unscrew the casing o
    the Livebox... I'll just have to wait til my next call....

    Of which I have to make and pay for each time... They have neve
    returned my call - even, on the odd occasion that I spoke to a tea
    leader "S", when I was promised a call back - that was on 04 Marc

    Anyway... time for you people out there to add your comments an

    Feel free...


    I will check this forum regularly and promise to help as many people a
    I can - you should too - because Wanadoo are not likely to.

    Location: Central Londo
    wanadooproblems, Mar 29, 2006
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  2. wanadooproblems

    Linker3000 Guest

    Google the phone number of their LEEDS office and ask to be put through
    to the CAT (Customer Assistance) team.

    That should get things moving!

    Linker3000, Mar 29, 2006
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  3. Hi L3K
    Thank you - I shall look up that number and call them - I spoke t
    Wanadoo yesterday after they called me back - YES!!! For he first tim
    in 7 weeks, after failing to call me back after promising to do so,
    received a call from a Technical Support person who I had spoken to th
    day previously - She didn't actually do anything for me other than tel
    me I will probably need to wait another 4 weeks (Are they for real?).

    The only way I got her to phone back, I think, is that I challenged he
    when I called her and kept telling her that she would not call me back
    She rose to the challenge, did call me back, even though she couldn'
    do anything! Oh well.... At least they have now paid for a 38minut
    call to my mobile - still not as costly as all the calls I have made t
    them though!!!

    I shall update the forum that I have starte

    Many thanks L3K

    wanadooproblems, Mar 30, 2006
  4. wanadooproblems

    Linker3000 Guest

    Don't mess around:

    0113 222 9100

    "CAT Team please"
    Linker3000, Mar 31, 2006
  5. wanadooproblems

    Daytona Guest

    I just tried to post the contact details under a guest login and it

    Daytona, Apr 5, 2006
  6. Should be fine - the site is up and running smoothly (well, it wa
    2minutes ago!!!
    wanadooproblems, Apr 5, 2006
  7. Hello all,

    Thank you for your responses...

    My connection is now back on... *AFTER 9weeks and 2days* !!!

    Full details here:


    But it sure wasn't easy! Even after media and Wanadoo's P

    My plight is still not over - I have to do battle with them to ge
    compensation for loss of service, telephone calls etc. I shall keep yo

    Many thanks once again for your interest in WanadooProblems.co.uk

    With kind regards

    wanadooproblems, Apr 19, 2006
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