VPNs will not work with MS Wireless Routers (Base Stations)

Discussion in 'Broadband Hardware' started by Dilbug, Nov 4, 2004.

  1. Dilbug

    Dilbug Guest

    *I am writing this to save others from searching for the
    solution*. I wrote this in response to another topic,
    but I think this subject heading will be more clear.

    There is a solution after my venting, but I would not
    recommend it.


    This piece of crap.

    I cannot connect to my office with my VPN client (be it
    Nortel, Cisco, Shiva... it doesn't matter because they
    are all industry-standards based)

    The issue is that the Microsoft router (base station)
    will not support something called "IPSec/PPTP pass-

    Keep in mind that, when discussing VPNs (PPTP or IPSec),
    we are talking about PROTOCOLS other than TCP or UDP.
    (ie. TCP is protocol 6, while GRE is protocol 47 and ESP
    is protocol 50).

    This is a basic functionality that any other brand of
    router can perform. Effing M$ got me again, as I have
    wasted money - I need VPN functioanlity to work from home.

    Simply put, this hunk of crap doesn't know how to spell
    GRE, much less know what to do with it.

    I called tech support, and the tech agreed.

    The idiotic thing is that the wired base stations are
    apparently able to perform this function. I don't know
    this for sure, so don't waste your money.

    Anyway - if you want your VPN client to work....

    .... put your host on the "Virtual DMZ". Your host will
    be wide open to inbound exploit attempts from the
    Internet, though... so be warned. You lose all the
    protection associated with being hidden behind a NAT
    Dilbug, Nov 4, 2004
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