vpn connection mn-100 vs mn-500

Discussion in 'Broadband Hardware' started by jim, Jan 13, 2004.

  1. jim

    jim Guest

    I use the Contivity VPN client to access my work. This
    worked fine when I was using the wired base station (MN-
    100), but when I upgraded to the wireless base station (MN-
    500), I can't connect anymore.

    What's the difference?
    jim, Jan 13, 2004
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  2. jim

    jim Guest

    Oops. I meant mn-700 for the wireless base station, not

    I can ping the address that I am trying to get to ok. But
    I can't login. Is the mn-700 blocking ports that the mn-
    100 didn't?
    jim, Jan 13, 2004
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  3. can you take the mac address that the original base station used and
    clone that into the new base station?

    when you switch back to the original base station, does VPN start

    did you change the IP range in the original base station to something
    other than the default 192.168.2.**?
    Barb Bowman [MVP-Windows], Jan 13, 2004
  4. jim

    jim Guest

    I just put the MN-100 in service and I am posting this
    message while connected to my office using Contivity
    (Nortel VPN client). Since I switched back to the MN-100,
    I have setup the MN-700 as an Access Point.

    I don't understand the difference between the 2 routers.
    I have used the default 192.168.2.* address range on both
    routers. Other than the new wireless settings, the 2
    routers are configured the same.

    I am not too sure about cloning the base station MAC
    address from the MN-100? Can you explain that more?

    There seems to be a million posts related to this same
    topic... I am not sure why the MN-100 works and the MN-700
    doesn't work, but it sounds like a patch is needed for the
    jim, Jan 14, 2004
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