Virgin Net - Any reasons against?

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by Brian, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. Brian

    Brian Guest

    I am considering going broadband using Virgin Net
    No activation fee and no long term contract

    Has anyone any good reasons for avoiding them?

    Brian E.
    Brian, Mar 31, 2005
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  2. Brian

    silangdon Guest

    I emailed their support team recently (~two weeks ago +) and havn't
    had a reply, but I've not tried chasing it up.

    Nothing particularly to whinge about, reckon it might be a bit pricy
    in the current market. Bandwidth is consistently good, I'm on the no
    limits account but I could probably get away with the 3Gb cap so I'm
    no heavy user.
    silangdon, Mar 31, 2005
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  3. Brian

    Eric Parker Guest

    I'd agree with silangdon about their support.
    That's the reason I left them.
    Have you read their area in ADSLGuide ?
    You may find more recent gripes/praises in there.

    Eric Parker, Mar 31, 2005
  4. Brian

    kraftee Guest

    Absolutely abysmal customer support for a start...
    kraftee, Mar 31, 2005
  5. Brian

    Bill Guest

    Seems odd to only offer a 512k service, but that might be you can get.
    Webspace is low if that matters to you.
    As usual you need to do your own maths as to whether the 'free' setup is
    worth the extra per month over paying up front.

    Bill, Apr 1, 2005
  6. Brian

    yo-man Guest

    good service, consistent bandwidth. I've no experience of customer support
    except one call when I originally joined when I wanted to find out the
    settings to enter into my ethernet modem (i didn't go for the 9.99 starter
    pack) and I got just the info I needed.

    24.99 for unlimited is perhaps a bit pricey for 512kbps now, but I share the
    cost with a flatmate anyway so I'm not bothered.

    I'm happy to recommend Virgin based on the connection, but I've read a lot
    about bad customer support, so I guess it depends on whether you think you
    will need to phone them much!!

    Also I don't use the web space, so the size doesn't concern me.
    yo-man, Apr 2, 2005
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