Using XP Ethernet Bridge Mode as Wireless Bridge

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by DrewJ, Aug 13, 2003.

  1. DrewJ

    DrewJ Guest

    I have an idea for using my XP desktop to bridge two wireless
    networks, and I was wondering if anyone had tried this, or had an
    opinion on the feasibility of this setup.

    1. I am having my broadband connection installed at my neighbor's
    house, as I don't have any DSL/Cable access available at my house. I
    am going to install an outdoor antenna, as a standard Linksys wireless
    router does not broadcast a strong enough signal to my house.

    2. I will be making a directional cantenna-type device to enhance the
    client side of the wireless link between my house and my neighbor's

    3. I want to operate multiple wireless clients at my location, but
    don't want to be hauling around antennas with each notebook client.
    I'd like a separate wireless LAN for my home.

    My proposed solution is to set up the DSL line as described in 1 & 2
    above. The client side will be an antenna attached to a 802.11x NIC
    on my XP Professional box. I'm thinking of adding a second wireless
    NIC to the XP box, and bridge the two connections (I'll refer to them
    as local wireless and external wireless). Other clients in my house
    would connect in ad hoc mode to my XP box, which would bridge the
    connection to the external wireless network, then on to the Internet.

    Has anyone tried this or have comments?


    DrewJ, Aug 13, 2003
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