using remote commands through a router - can anyone help?

Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by flash, Aug 2, 2003.

  1. flash

    flash Guest

    I have 4 pcs connected through a lynksis router and would like to be able
    to send remote commands to each, in particular to shutdown.

    I have tried several software progs but none are able to access the other
    pcs (file sharing is no problem so theres nothing wrong with the
    connection) I think it may be to do with the router settings. Can anyone

    This was a reply I received from one of the software manufacturers:

    <It seems there is a security or DCOM setting, which does not allow a
    remote WMI access (depending on the network configuration), all remote
    administration tools which use WMI are affected by this problem (including
    Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Computer Management, Remote Desktop,
    Registry Editor and many more), we are trying to find out what setting
    must be modified in order to make all computers connect. We have contacted
    Microsoft Europe, and they cannot help, from the technical department,
    they even don't know what is WMI). Not all installations of Windows XP
    suffers from this problem, we have many computers connecting without
    First of all you need to have static IP addresses unless you have a
    Domain Server, and the same user/password on all computers with admin
    rights, please let me know if you tried this and if it works or not.
    If you try to connect to another computer with Computer Management
    tool from Control Panel, and it works, then HARDiNFO should work too.>

    I am using XP Pro on all machines and Windows Computer Management cannot
    access the pcs either. None of my pcs has a password set up as I am the
    only user, but I tried giving them passwords with the same user name, and
    that still didn't work (I have admin rights on all). I have also tried
    static addresses to no avail. Of course Lynksis have been singularly


    flash, Aug 2, 2003
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