using Linksys "gaming adapter" w/5 port workgroup switch

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by Frank Noge, Jul 12, 2005.

  1. Frank Noge

    Frank Noge Guest


    I want to set up internet access for a several computers in a different room
    from my wireless gateway (Linksys WAG54G). Linksys support said the only
    way to do this was to buy two of their access points (WAP54G was
    recommended) and set them both up in wireless bridging mode, with one of
    those physically connected to my gateway, and the other connected to a
    network switch (where I could then plug in the different computers I want to
    get on the network.)

    The kids at the "Big Box Computer Store" said I could do this and save a lot
    of setup hassle w/a wireless gaming adapter (Linksys WGA54G). Sure enough
    the setup was easy enough, but only one of my computers plugged into the
    network switch has internet access. Now I'm unsure whether it's a setting
    on my second computer that's the problem, or was this doomed to failure from
    the start (can the WGA54G only handle one IP address at a time?)

    Can someone offer any tricks to try before I take the gaming adapter back
    and get an couple access points?

    Frank Noge, Jul 12, 2005
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  2. As usual Linksys support is mostly correct. What you're trying to do
    is simulatenously play transparent bridge and access point at the same
    time. This can be done.
    Disaster. I wouldn't expect the minimum wage sales kids to know the
    difference between a "workgroup bridge" and a "client bridge". The
    names and designations change often enough to be confusing. I wanted
    to scribble a document explaining the exact designations, and gave up.
    Too messy.

    What's happening is that your "game adapter" will only bridge one MAC
    address at a time. Other "game adapters" will do more than one. For
    example, the WET11 will do more than one. However, it's apparently
    beneath the various manufacturers dignity to explain this minor
    detail. I should compile a list of client radios that actually do
    support more than one MAC address, but don't have the time to verify
    rumors and check compatibility.
    Nope. Won't happen. However, I have a suggestion. Take the WGA54G
    back and buy a Linksys WRT54G. Download free Sveasoft Alchemy
    software which has a multiple client mode:
    The feature list proclaims:
    "Client mode (support multiple attached devices)"

    Another way is to use WDS (wireless distribution system). If your
    existing router supports WDS, that will work. The WGA54G does NOT
    support WDS, so it goes back anyway. With WDS, just configure your
    two routers to talk to each other and then either connect or directly
    plug into the LAN ports or either box.
    Jeff Liebermann, Jul 15, 2005
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