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Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by Lord Bergamot, Feb 20, 2015.

  1. today they were supposed to upgrade equipment to get
    min 5 meg down speed, or max 20 meg down, if I want. They
    changed appointment to next Friday, or sooner if equipment
    gets in. Rhino communications bought the towers in this
    area from my old ISP. I've been barely getting by with about
    1.5 to 2.0 meg down speed for years, which isn't terrible, but
    needs to be better.

    They have an antenna on top of the house, aimed at a tower
    10 miles or so away. I'll see how good the 5 meg down speed
    does and then decide if I want to upgrade further to 10, 15,
    or 20 meg. Each additional increase is $10.00. I can hardly

    This type of internet could work for a lot of areas. Yesterday,
    I read a story about an area, where a realtor had to lower
    the price of a house by $60,000.00 because the ISP wouldn't
    extend coverage 200 feet, and buyers wanted high speed

    Would you be happy with 5 meg down, or would you want
    Lord Bergamot, Feb 20, 2015
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  2. Very interesting! I certainly hope your results are different from
    mine. I have a wireless ISP (sounds like what you are describing) but
    the prices are ~$50/mo for 3 MB down, ~$100/mo for 5 MB down..... I
    have the 5 MB plan, but seldom get even 3 MB measured. The only
    alternatives are satellite (I had HughesNet since before it was called
    that) and it was sometimes slower than dialup; or 4G cellular which is
    very expensive if you use > 10 GB/month.

    Right now the ISP "says" they're moving some users off the device I
    connect to on the tower so my service should improve. (I'm about a
    mile away from the tower, heavily wooded.) There's no way we could get
    a signal 10 miles away. Probably not even 4G cellular.
    The service my ISP recommends for speed checks is
    (just in case you want to see if your service improves or not).
    Charlie Hoffpauir, Feb 21, 2015
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  3. As a follow-up to my post, I ran a speed test right after sending that
    post. Here's the result:

    Download Speed: 884 kbps (110.5 KB/sec transfer rate)
    Upload Speed: 1682 kbps (210.3 KB/sec transfer rate)
    Latency: 109 ms
    2/21/2015, 9:02:36 AM

    And for this crappy service I'm paying just over $100 / month!

    I'm seriously considering 4G cellular as an alternative which will
    raise my cost to about $160/month.
    Charlie Hoffpauir, Feb 21, 2015
  4. Lord Bergamot

    scarecrow Guest

    Just for the heck of it I tried your link. Measures me at 38 Gbps down
    and 10 Gbps up. My (cable) ISP account is rated at 'up to' 50 Gbps but
    I've never gotten close to that. Still, I feel for you guys. I'd hate
    to ever have to go back to the slow (dial up, then DSL for me) old
    scarecrow, Feb 21, 2015
  5. Lord Bergamot

    Possum Guest

    We don't have many trees in this area, so there are some
    people who have antennas pointed at towers 18 miles away.
    Maybe your ISP will be bought out. ERF used to tell me they
    were taking some people off the tower so mine would be faster.
    Hopefully, you can get a better ISP soon.

    I've thought about getting Virgin Mobile Broadband to go,
    for when I drive. It's no contract.

    Hughes SUX. I didn't always feel that way. Back in the 90's,
    I had one way Hughes, before they got duplex. Everything went
    good for a few years, then, the LNB went out.

    It's a long story, if I told you everything that happened over
    three months. Long story short, the technicians refused to let
    me speak to a supervisor, until I had to threaten to drive to
    Germantown, Penn. and start beating the crap out of everyone
    who works for Hughes. Finally, I was able to. He said (Hell,
    they sent me the wrong LNB, and I should have stayed on the
    original satellite).

    I told them where they could stick it, and quit Hughes for good.
    I don't know if you can tell, but I'm still pissed. When a
    company goes to that much trouble to piss me off, I don't
    get over it.

    Right now my download speed is almost the same as yours
    Download Speed: 792 kbps (99 KB/sec transfer rate)
    Upload Speed: 640 kbps (80 KB/sec transfer rate)
    Latency: 176 ms
    2/21/2015, 4:24:15 PM

    I used to have ERF wireless.

    Now my ISP is Rhino Communications
    Rhino Communications charges $43.26 for 5 meg, then additional
    $10.00 for each increase, 10, 15, 20 meg.
    They don't list prices on the web.

    we have a 4g ISP called Fuego Wireless
    Max 3 Mbps for $58.95

    There's a new wireless company in town
    Prices are listed on website. They want a big deposit,
    depending on contract length.
    Possum, Feb 21, 2015
  6. I sent that last post from the big computer with another handle.
    It was from me.
    Lord Bergamot, Feb 21, 2015
  7. Must be terrible. I'm trying to watch a PBS video, it keeps buffering, and buffering, and buffering. Then it restarted. Maybe after the upgrade I can watch it without interruption.
    Lord Bergamont, Feb 22, 2015
  8. Lord Bergamot

    Char Jackson Guest

    Gbps is Gigabits per second. You don't have that. ;-)
    You almost certainly meant Mbps (Megabits per second).
    Char Jackson, Feb 22, 2015
  9. Lord Bergamot

    scarecrow Guest

    Yup. Perhaps just a little excessive bragging there. I'm lucky I got
    the bps part right though (didn't I?) ...
    scarecrow, Feb 22, 2015
  10. Lord Bergamot

    Char Jackson Guest

    The rest was perfect. :)
    Char Jackson, Feb 22, 2015
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