Unwanted access to the internet.

Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by B. Christensen, Jan 30, 2004.

  1. We recently installed a server 2003 at our office. We
    have a terminal server and norton antivirus on this. Our
    network is configured with a zyxel isdn-router as an
    internet gateway on a dial-up connection. The router
    connects whenever there is a request for external traffic.

    The problem is that server 2003 has a lot of autonomous
    request for data from the internet all around the clock.
    Out bills have skyrocketed since installation.

    How can one configure server 2003 to limit request for
    external data to office hours? (0730-1530) ? What
    programs/processes are polling the internet all the time?

    Things NOT to tip me of:
    1. reconfigure your router: done. not possible
    2. turn off automatic updates: done.
    3. RTFM: done. twice
    4. Search MSDN/Support: done intensively. no result.
    5. call support: tried that. sour bastard knew nothing.

    All constructive help will be appreciated. Please mail
    replies to .

    B. Christensen, Jan 30, 2004
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  2. B. Christensen

    sharad Guest

    Many programs, now a days keep checking on internet for updates, so working
    after that thing will be meaningless, all the time any changes done, new
    things installed, you will have keep the track that every where that
    auto-updates are always disabled
    So setup your server as a router. (demand dial).
    Connect the zyxel modem to the server comport and setup
    RRAS, with demand dial routing. In RRAS for demand dial
    routing, you can specify dial out hours. So there you can give
    dial out hour from 0730 -1530, and also you can set it
    no dial out at all on weekly holidays. Also you can setup the firewall.
    Please note this is possible only when you set up RRAS for demand
    dial routing. If you put another NIC on the server, and connect to the
    router, then you won't have this option of limiting connection for certain

    Other option will be only a third party solution, like changing the router
    which support, restrict dial out to specified period. OR have a
    timer, such that it swtiches the power supply to modem on at 7:30 , off at

    sharad, Jan 30, 2004
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  3. B. Christensen

    Jeff Cochran Guest

    Pull the cable to the internet when you go home. :)
    That's something you'll need to research. Firewall and router logs
    may help identify it. Could be DNS transfers, normal broadcasts,
    program updates or any number of things.
    Best/easiest solution I can think of is a proxy or firewall with
    configurable access times. Or switch to a service that doesn't depend
    on dial-up and time-related charges.

    Jeff Cochran, Jan 30, 2004
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