UNIX Authenticating against Windows Servers

Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by dln, Oct 26, 2004.

  1. dln

    dln Guest

    Hello all,

    I really hope this is the correct newsgroup to post this question against -
    I've had a hard time tracking down a good place to post it so if I'm in the
    wrong place please direct me to a more appropriate venue. I'm trying to
    solve a particular issue at our site where we need to authenticate users
    logging into UNIX boxes against our site's AD and Kerberos servers. After
    reading the documentation at
    I've been able to successfully authentication against a single domain.
    However I would like to expand the authentication scenario so that on a few
    of our UNIX boxes, any user in a domain under the same AD forest could log
    into the box. I figure that instead of doing a domain LDAP query (port
    389), I need to make a query against the Global Catalog (port 3268), but I
    can't figure out the configuration I need. I have tried changing my
    /etc/ldap.conf configuration to query on port 3268 and use a common search
    root, but it doesn't work. The aforementioned article is (in my opinion)
    very at answering most questions in regards to this type of configuration,
    but it doesn't address how to query the GC from UNIX. Does anybody know of
    any documentation out there that could aid me and has anybody else
    successfully gotten this type of configuration to work? Any and all help
    would be appreciated (and again, really sorry if this isn't the right

    dln, Oct 26, 2004
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