Unexplained apps in Linksys port forwarding

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by sabino, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. sabino

    sabino Guest

    I have a linksys wireless router - BEFW11S4 and I have a desktop and
    laptop using wireless connections to the router. Everything works
    I wanted to FTP to the desktop from outside my house so I loaded a FTP
    server and because I was told it would be safer - I mapped a random
    high port number ot port 21 . All this worked fine.
    Recently I went back into the router and noticed that there were 2 new
    apps in th port forwarding which I did not add! I can't find anything
    about them. Or - I can't understand how they got there. I couldn't
    find anything about potential security problems with the router except
    vague references .
    I disabled all of it

    How can apps get added to port forwarding in the router? Is this a
    hack or security thing? or is there a way for apps to update the
    router. (I changed the admin password from the default) .

    As far as the apps added - they are:

    ELFP—Ð from Ext port - 1334 to Int. port 5292 using UDP
    ELF?—Ð from Ext port 2837 to Int port 5276 using UDP

    I don't see any of the ports using netstat -a

    Any ideas on how this happend or what these are?
    sabino, Feb 21, 2006
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  2. Welcome to Universal Plug and Play. Go to:
    on your router and disable UPnP. The ports are probably owned by MSN
    Messenger and are random. If you're using MSN Messenger, then leave
    UPnP turned on as many of the features don't work unless it is
    enabled. There are also other programs that use UPnP to automagically
    configure holes in your firewall for their benifit.

    You can also turn it off on the computah end. In Windows XP:
    Start -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove ->
    Add/Remove Windows Components.
    Scroll down to Networking Services, and uncheck "Universal Plug and

    Light reading:

    Jeff Liebermann, Feb 21, 2006
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