Unbundled Loops and PIPEX High speeds (2,4,8mb?)

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by mo, Feb 3, 2005.

  1. mo

    mo Guest

    Currently on 1mb PIPEX ADSL (about £28)
    My local loop would be Southampton,Hampshire (Shirley to be exact)

    I notice PIPEX dont offer unbundled acces and they are only trialling 2mb
    whereas UKOnline (as posted above/below) offer 2mb for £30 and even 8mb for
    £10 more!

    Anyone know if Pipex will be offering anything soon? I dont wanna leave
    Pipex they been good to me and i like my email addy.

    Also what are UK online like, reliable.are there any other companies
    offering similar speeds for maybe 2,4 or 8mb?

    Also what kinda shit am I looking at going through to move? (happy with my 3
    year old modem so dont particularly need any hardware)
    mo, Feb 3, 2005
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