Unable to view or connect to shares on Server 2008

Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by Kevin D. Goodknecht [MVP], Mar 25, 2009.

  1. I have a client with a Windows Server 2008, occasionally and within 3 weeks
    of reboot, all clients lose connection and cannot view shares on a Windows
    Server 2008 x64 Standard. Net view from the server itself displays the
    shares, from other machines you get system error 64 or system error 53. The
    Firewall has been disabled, and you can still ping the server and connect by
    remote desktop.

    NICs are Intel Pro 1000 PT Dual port with second port disabled, and the
    latest drivers.

    Best regards,
    Kevin D. Goodknecht Sr. [MVP]
    Hope This Helps

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    Kevin D. Goodknecht [MVP], Mar 25, 2009
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  2. Hi Kevin,

    I hope all is well!

    Have you tried teaming the NIC ports?

    Are there any event log errors on the server or clients?

    What I'm looking for are LSA errors on the client side. If there are LSA
    errors on the client, and you reboot the client, is it then able to connect
    to the share? If so, that can possibly point (conjecture) to a kerb ticket
    renewal issue.

    I've seen other discussions on this that point to a background session
    resource cleanup blocked by a device driver on the server side. But then
    again, that is like finding a needle in a haystack...


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    Ace Fekay, MCSE 2003 & 2000, MCSA 2003 & 2000, MCSA Messaging, MCT
    Microsoft Certified Trainer

    For urgent issues, you may want to contact Microsoft PSS directly. Please
    check http://support.microsoft.com for regional support phone numbers.
    Ace Fekay [Microsoft Certified Trainer], Mar 25, 2009
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  3. "Ace Fekay [Microsoft Certified Trainer]" <>
    wrote in message

    Forgot to ask, any 3rd party installed on the server, such as AV and such?

    Ace Fekay [Microsoft Certified Trainer], Mar 25, 2009
  4. Hello Kevin D. Goodknecht [MVP],

    Check about TCP Chimney offload and some other new features that are enabled
    by default:

    These settings can conflict some time in the network with older OS version.
    Meinolf Weber [MVP-DS], Mar 25, 2009
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