Turned down by freeserve but BT engineer gives all clear

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by As mellow as a horse, Nov 22, 2003.

  1. Got turned down by freeserve a week ago due to line noise/quality

    Just had a very nice chap from BT come out and he's given the all clear
    after trying TWO tests- one to the socket alone, and one with all my
    phones/(cheap) extensions plugged in. I believe one was called an NTE(?)

    He said there was no way I'd be turned down by bt broadband (yeah that
    sounds biased, but he was referring to the tests).

    I spoke to freeserve yesterday and they say my line is still active as I
    haven't been contaced by anyone re cancellation. They HAVE cancelled my
    anytime a/c though (bastards!) so I am now having to use 0845 which is no
    use when I run a business online!

    Tried connecting even though light still blinking, and just get a "cannot
    get dialing tone (?!) message". Could my modem/filters be faulty?

    I could just tell freeserve to sod off, but if I went somewhere decent I'd
    have to buy my own modem, and if they turned me down (why?), I'd be out of
    As mellow as a horse, Nov 22, 2003
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  2. Well, you could go for the simple starter package from PlusNet which costs
    24.99 a month. I feel sure they'd only send the kit when your line was OK
    as far as BT confirming that it would be enabled, and they'd refund if no
    ADSL service was possible, so you probably have nowt to lose with them.

    You'd be spending similar amounts of cash over the course of a year, esp.
    as Freeserve charges more per month, but on the other hand, Freeserve is
    willing to let people run a business from home on their ADSL connection.
    Peter Morgan - 0870 432 9631, Nov 22, 2003
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  3. As mellow as a horse

    Informer Guest

    Pipex offer a modem and two filters for £17 plus free connection with a
    monthly fee of £23.49.
    Informer, Nov 23, 2003
  4. This very nice chap from BT - was he testing your telephone line for vice
    quality perchance ? AFAIK, the BT ADSL providers does NOT test lines as you
    suggest, he was probably just testing the line for voice. How did you
    initiate the line test request ? Calling 150 or something like that ?
    I suspect (but cannot be sure) that he was not doing an ADSL test, probably
    just a voice quality test.

    Let us know what type of test was run and how you got them to do it ....
    Graham in Melton, Nov 23, 2003
  5. I got him out to the house on the pretence of noise voice calls, and he did
    do that old test where he just plugged his special phone into the socket and
    listened for noise. And the good old pole/fishing rod test.

    But then I mentioned broadband (and the lack of it according to freeserve)
    and everything changed . He did the the two extra tests I mentioned in the
    OP and said he would never have done them if I hadn't mentioned broadband.
    He also said they were expensive tests that would be billed (not to me!) and
    he was crapping himself about terminating the connection as soon as each
    test finished!
    As mellow as a horse, Nov 23, 2003
  6. what, starting an 090x chat line :))
    Peter Morgan - 0870 432 9631, Nov 23, 2003
  7. As mellow as a horse

    Kráftéé Guest

    The only test which would show whether you could have DSL or not were
    not available for him to test as there was no DSL service on your

    Sorry but it does sound like a well meaning newby, yes there are some
    out there, who didn't know what they were talking about...
    Kráftéé, Nov 23, 2003
  8. So how is ANY test for ADSL done prior to ADSL being activated then? Am I
    missing something here?
    Well, he was no spring chicken, so I would guess he's not straight off the
    training line. If he IS right, the worst that can happen is that I DO get
    BB, but have to go through BT BB for 12 months.

    And to cut a long story short, I'm now back on freeserve anytime (at least
    for now) and I've asked them to put the order through again, although they
    say it will still take up to 10 days again. As I'm determined to get my
    free month, I'm not going to go else where right now as that would also take
    10 days, and I need interim anytime access whoever I go with.
    As mellow as a horse, Nov 23, 2003
  9. As mellow as a horse

    Nick Guest

    Come on now, you've got a Hawk tester, ain't yea ??
    Nick, Nov 23, 2003
  10. MyInternetPass mipcard.com (?) would allow you 160 hours for a
    tenner or 2000 minutes to be used within 90 days, so you'd at
    least be able to check for e-mail frequently... Peter M.
    Peter Morgan - 0870 432 9631, Nov 23, 2003
  11. As mellow as a horse

    Kráftéé Guest

    You must be joking, I've only been waiting for one of those (promised)
    6 months now. It's been been over 2 years for the Presto/Tempo tester
    (keep getting those 2 mixed up for some reason) which I was once again
    promised ..

    But even if the person did have a Hawk, he wouldn't be logging onto
    something with his PC would he (which he apparently did going by the
    original post)..

    Once again though, even a Hawk will only give an idea, the only sure
    fire way (other than to get a PTO out, but it's even been known for
    them to be wrong) is to put DSL service onto the line & then use the
    APTS test (hell it's even been known for the old Whoosh test to be
    wrong & vary from modem to modem)..
    Kráftéé, Nov 23, 2003
  12. Yes he did log onto something using a laptop. Quite an old looking one
    actually, but he was keen to point out the wireless connection it had.
    Result of each test took about 30 seconds to come back. Couldn't make out
    much on the screeen apart from the distance (5.0km) and the letters NTE (or
    something) which was the name of the test I think. The second test I'm sure
    had a slightly different name/code. Like I mentioned, he said it was an
    expensive test that he "shouldn't be doing cos they get billed for it" (?).
    As mellow as a horse, Nov 23, 2003
  13. As mellow as a horse

    Nick Guest

    Sounds more like a CSS rat test. About as good as licking you finger to see
    which way the wind is blowing.
    On a non ADSL line, he can't do any meaningfull tests with a laptop.
    Nick, Nov 24, 2003
  14. As mellow as a horse

    Nick Guest

    Both worth waiting for. Pity the batteries in the Hawk are crap & don't hold
    their charge.
    Hawk is very near the mark. The results of the couple of test I've done,
    were very close to that of the APtS test, which ain't bad & about what a PTO
    would get.
    Just a pain going to the exchange to put the Hawk remote unit on the frame
    Nick, Nov 24, 2003
  15. As mellow as a horse

    Kráftéé Guest

    Oh joy & rupture, yet even more driving around in circles (IF & when I
    eventually get the Hawk, the way it's going we'll get them in the
    midlands just before they become redundant because something else is
    Kráftéé, Nov 24, 2003
  16. As mellow as a horse

    Kráftéé Guest

    As I said a newby, still geting excited about 9k6 GSM ;-)

    Both done a CSS & absolutely useless when it comes to DSL availability

    All I can say is best of luck. Believe it or not I do hope that you
    get the DSL service which you want, but don't be suprised if it all
    goes sour....
    Kráftéé, Nov 24, 2003
  17. Just received a reply to the mail I sent BT wholesale last week. Apparently
    the test was carried out the day after I ordered (although I didn't find out
    until I phoned freeserve 14 days after ordering). They say the line loss
    "well exceeds" 60db, but they don't say how much. Isn't there any increase
    to 65db on the cards? (I know its a log scale, so 62 could be "well
    exceeds", yes?) They also say I'm "out of reach" for adsl, but as the
    distance I've seen and been quoted elsewhere is 5km, there must be a lot of
    looping and whatever to put it over 6km.

    Last week when I first started ranting, I was told by someone (or is it
    false memory syndrome?) that my cheapo extension could be causing noise on
    the line (although I think I've ruled it out). But since then I've
    discovered that disconnecting the downstairs portable phone has resulted in
    perfectly clear phone conversations on the upstairs line, and I haven't had
    one dropped dial-up connection. I'm also getting 44kbit/s almost every time
    which is the most I ever get.

    I've been told by freeserve that they've reordered today at my request. Am
    I wasting everybody's time?

    I guess I could always do bt broadband to make absolutely sure i.e. if they
    turn me down, so will everyone(?)

    BTW Not everyone on here is a BT engineer (or maybe they are...). I don't
    know half the terms your using, but maybe neither will most BT engineers :)
    As mellow as a horse, Nov 24, 2003
  18. As mellow as a horse

    Kráftéé Guest

    Not at the present moment but you never know
    Yep but that's nearly a doubling of the noise so is indeed well
    Not neccesarily as the 'ballpark' distance figure is firstly only a
    rough approximation, secondly only applies to best quality, copper
    (you'd be suprised how much alluminium is out there, despite what some
    of the higher echelons have been saying) & thirdly the CSS test system
    can (& very often is) widely out when it comes to distance ( that's
    where local knowledge comes to the fore), which is where you got your
    distance measurement from.

    Anything attched to your line can affect the test results...
    With the test results given, I'm afraid you are.
    Kráftéé, Nov 24, 2003
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