Tiscali - Still waiting for the 1MB unlimited upgrade

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by Tony, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. Tony

    Tony Guest

    In March this year, Tiscali wrote to all their existing '512k unlimited'
    customers telling them that they were upgrading their existing 512k
    unlimited customers to 1MB at no extra cost over and above the
    normal 512k package price, but never mentioned it was a capped service that
    they were moving them to. This was misleading in my opinion and I don't
    think they were being up-front about the change of conditions in the new
    package (There was nothing whatsoever in the letter that even suggested the
    so-called upgrade would be capped, neither was there a link to any new terms
    and conditions for the new package), so naturally one would assume that they
    were just increasing the speed and nothing more!. WRONG! As far as I can
    see, they have now withdrawn the 1MB 30GB capped service from their package
    options altogether, so the only 1MB options available now to existing 512k
    unlimited customers are 1MB (2GB cap) or (1MB 15GB cap). Neither of these
    packages are a match for the existing 512k package on a 'useage limit'
    basis, so these options are a downgrade for 512k customers. Add to this the
    fact that any speed increase would considerably shorten the time taken to
    reach the cap limit, I think personally they are giving their existing
    customers a bad deal, by not offering them the option to have a decent 1MB
    service even though some users were inconvenienced by losing their service
    during exchange upgrades earlier in the year to make way for the 1MB line
    speed increase.

    Their package options seem to be worsening by the week, and most other
    companies are making their deals better, so why are tiscali failing to offer
    better deals for their customers too?. If they didn't intend offering a
    decent 1MB package on the terms of the original sign-up (512k unlimited),
    they should never have written to the customers, promising such a package.
    I am personally not a heavy user of the internet, but having an unlimited
    package is 'peace of mind', especially when you have several people in the
    household all using the internet at different times of the day.

    By all means Tiscali, you could follow suit with other ISP's by throttling
    back the heavy users at peak periods, and make P2P a lower priority than
    normal browsers and email'ers, but why tar everyone with the same brush?
    Some of us would just like a service that is not capped and one that we can
    use without worry of exceeding a monthly useage limit. Is that really too
    much to ask of an ISP, especially when those were the terms of which we
    signed up in the first place.

    That was why I originally chose an 'unlimited package' with Tiscali and
    thats why I expect to stay on an unlimited package (especially when there is
    plenty of companies out there offering this option). I would like a speed
    increase to bring me into line with what many other ISPs are offering
    nowadays and to make use of the maximum speed my exchange will give me (1MB)
    especially now my modem is sync'ing at 1MB as well. It would be nice to see
    them deliver on the a 1MB package (in an unlimited form) as the letter
    suggested they were going to give us in March 2005.
    Tony, Jun 27, 2005
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  2. Tony

    Lenny Nero Guest

    Tony said:
    I did not take any of the 'free upgrades' and until to day had not been
    capped, and I had gone over the 1 gig a day many times. But today I found
    the ports I use (I dont do p2p) are all 5 KB/sec so I have routed
    everything thru port 80 which is getting past the cap, sort of.

    But I am now looking for a new Isp, I like you, just wanted to use my
    connection when ever I wanted to.

    Lenny Nero, Jun 28, 2005
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