Tiscali broadband and BT pbx

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by colwyn, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. colwyn

    colwyn Guest

    I am trying to set up Tiscali Broadband for a friend, but encountered a
    couple of problems:
    1.) ADSL filter does not work on master telephone( phone goes dead), but is
    ok on all extensions.
    2.) Installation seems to be ok, however I get message back saying ' no dial
    OS = win XP
    Modem is Speedtouch 330 ADSL
    I'd be grateful for any suggestion to get my friends system operational.
    colwyn, Oct 13, 2007
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  2. colwyn

    Graham. Guest

    Your post is a bit vague, but I will make some assumptions
    and you can tell me if they are right.

    First you have mentioned BT PBX in the title but have
    not told us what kind of PBX, I am guessing that the
    telephone you have identified as the "master" is in fact
    a system-phone, ie. one that will not work if plugged
    into an ordinary phone line. You need to leave these alone.

    How many *outside* lines are connected to the PBX box?
    How are they connected? hard-wired perhaps?
    Do you know which exchange line has had ADSL provisioned?
    It is this pair of wires that needs intercepting, you may
    well need to install a BT type plug and socket so you
    can install a filter.
    The chances are that the PABX box is in a cupboard
    well away from where the user wants to use his modem
    however most installations will have at least one spare
    pair of wires to each extension so you can take the
    unfiltered ADSL line to an RJ11 socket mounted next
    to the phone socket

    How did I do?
    Graham., Oct 14, 2007
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  3. colwyn

    Graham Guest

    That raises an interesting point. One purpose of a PBX is to handle more
    than one simultaneous incoming call. Usually BT achieves this by allocating
    the same number to several lines and configuring those lines to communicate
    with the PBX. I've found in the past that it's not possible to have ADSL
    provisioned on just one pair of these lines. I suspect it is because BT has
    no way to publicly differentiate between the lines because of course they
    all have the same number.

    So to provide ADSL to a site which already has several lines into a PABX it
    appears necessary to get another line with a diffferent number, which would
    then be used only for ADSL and have no other purpose.

    Is there a resolution to this? For example, by allocating separate numbers
    to all the lines entering the PBX in such a way that if the first is busy
    the second is used, and so on? Is this something that can be explained to
    BT so that they can implement it?
    Graham, Oct 14, 2007
  4. colwyn

    Graham. Guest

    This very point was discussed recently in (I think) in uk.telecom.
    I can't see any technical reason why one of a bunch of "auxiliary"
    lines cannot be provisioned with ADSL, but as you rightly say,
    BT won't.
    Graham., Oct 14, 2007
  5. colwyn

    fred2 Guest

    Thank you Graham for getting back to me. Tried all sorts of things , so far
    to no avail.
    I will have to find out what telephone system he is using, I only know we
    installed 7 filters to extensions, but as I said before his Master phone
    goes dead when I put a filter in line. The pbx box is nearby and when
    dialling 9 to get an outside line it takes at least 2 seconds to connect you
    can hear the relay clicking.
    He also has a direct line to a Fax m/c (different call number) which I tried
    to use, but I wondered if the Tiscali supplied modem is configured to look
    for the Tiscali telephone number. Again no joy and same message : No Dial
    tone. I emailed Tiscali requesting a solution, but so far no response.
    Anyway, if you have any more info I would be delighted.
    fred2, Oct 15, 2007
  6. colwyn

    Graham. Guest

    Don't waste your time with Tiscali help, plenty of knowledgeable people

    Your friend would have had to submit the telephone number of the line
    that he required ADSL on. He probably would have made it a lot
    easier for himself if he had asked for the fax line to be used, but if
    the line is on the phone system, all is not lost.

    The ADSL signal is not passed through the PABX to any of the
    extensions, including the main phone, so those filters are a waste of time.

    As I said previously, you will need to break into the exchange line
    going into the box and install a filter there and take the feed to the
    modem from the filter.
    Graham., Oct 15, 2007
  7. colwyn

    kráftéé Guest

    Why are you wasting time, or is your 'friend' not sure what line the
    service is going to be supplied over ????

    Broadband will be supplied over one line & number so 'trying another
    line' with a completely different number is, as I have already said, a
    complete & utter waste of time.

    Find your 'friends' NTTP which will have been fitted before the switch
    & start from there, not on the extensions as DSL will not work thru a
    PBX as has already been stated. The reason it makes the phone go dead
    is because it is a system phone & so does not work on the same pin out
    as a normal phone, here again has already been stated.

    If you do get to the bottom of this do not be suprised if the service
    has not been provided at all due to the fact that BT does not normally
    provide DSL over multi line hunt groups (PBX, Featurenet or feature
    line). I won't say never as there was a few which have slipped thru,
    this is more likely to get caught nowadays though.
    kráftéé, Oct 15, 2007
  8. colwyn

    fred2 Guest

    Thank you for your input, but as Graham already suggested we shall have to
    find his incoming line and take it from the Network Test and Termination
    Point. All I hoped to get was a Dial tone from his separate Fax line his
    modem might have detected, but that wasn't to be. Personally, I do not want
    to open his box PBX or other boxes of tricks or anything associated to BT
    wiring, 'cause if things don't work afterwards( it's an old system), I do
    not wish to carry the can.
    So, I am now looking for a telecom engineer to get into his Cat's Cradle and
    get an ADSL signal to his modem and get me off the hook.
    I assumed (wrongly) that after he had a Dial-up link with Talk-talk it would
    be a simple matter of changing to B/B Tiscali by just plugging his new modem
    into his extension socket and running the installation CD, because that is
    all I had to do to get my BT Broad band up and running, very nicely too.
    fred2, Oct 15, 2007
  9. colwyn

    kráftéé Guest

    His DSL modem won't detect any analogue system so you are wasting your
    time, making things far more convoluted &complicated than what they
    need be.

    The very fact that you did try does bring your 'helpfulness' into
    question though.
    kráftéé, Oct 15, 2007
  10. colwyn

    fred2 Guest

    At least I tried to be helpful
    fred2, Oct 15, 2007
  11. colwyn

    kráftéé Guest

    Being helpful would be telling your 'friend' to get a telco engineer
    in not play with things you have no knowledge about & quite possibly
    causing other problems which your 'friend' would end up paying for.
    kráftéé, Oct 15, 2007
  12. colwyn

    fred2 Guest

    Just read my reply from 17.16 pm
    "Personally, I do not want to open his box PBX or other boxes of tricks or
    anything associated to BT
    wiring, 'cause if things don't work afterwards( it's an old system), I do
    not wish to carry the can.
    So, I am now looking for a telecom engineer to get into his Cat's Cradle and
    get an ADSL signal to his modem and get me off the hook."

    It seems I anticipated your 'helpfulness' and trust you will find someone
    else, who might appreciate your assistance.
    fred2, Oct 15, 2007
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