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Discussion in 'Home Networking' started by James, Jul 25, 2003.

  1. James

    James Guest


    I plan to network 5 PC's in order for all to access our ADSL connection.
    PC's will be in individual rooms throughout a rather large house with the
    intention to put RJ-45 wall sockets in each room, these sockets will connect
    into a patch panel via Cat5e solid core cable, patch cable connects the
    patch panel ports into a Switch, ADSL Modem/Router also connect to Switch.

    Here's what I think I need:

    ADSL Modem/Router
    Patch Panel
    Wall Sockets x 5
    Cat5e UTP Solid Core Cable (~120m)
    Cat5e UTP Patch Cable (~20m)
    RJ-45 connectors

    Does this sound about right? Have I forgot anything?

    What about PC security, how is it controlled? I assume it will be up to each
    user to control what they choose to open up to other users on their own PC.

    Also, without a Proxy Server is there anyway to stop users viewing porn etc.
    ? Can this software be built in to the Router?

    Any idea on what sort of cost I'd be looking at?


    James, Jul 25, 2003
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  2. James

    Jim Guest

    Thanks for the comments guys.

    Gaming is quite likely, it's something I'd like to be prepared for. We have
    3 PC's in our main house which I want to connect up, could well play games
    using these. Another 3 rooms which we will be letting will need a connection
    each - if we get the right people in, they may want to use it for gaming too
    (univerity students most likely).

    I also have the problem of ensuring the people leasing our rooms don't use
    their PC's to host appz/warez or whatever using our connection, I assume
    this can all be controlled in the router though?

    Regarding saving money on wall sockets, I'd really like the users to have as
    little chance of destroying any components as possible, it may be a bit more
    expensive to start with but I think it's safest in the long run.

    Thanks again for the input.

    Jim, Jul 25, 2003
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  3. James

    Mike Yates Guest

    Yes, I meant to put both those points in my message but forgot - thanks.
    Even the cheapest have some form of logging, preferably downloadable for
    analysis. The best method I've found of preventing excessive abuse is by
    deterence with demonstrable traceability. Just occasionally analyse the
    log and then ask the users if they enjoyed the "Hot Teen Photos" they
    were looking at fron 23:34 to 01:12 last night or where one might pay
    for Wagner's entire Ring Cycle like the one they got from Kazaa.
    It works wonders.
    I would add that, having chosen your router from the specialists with
    their reviews, you should check prices at or who might to
    deliver too. Even see if stock your model so you
    can save time and maybe a fiver by going to get it.

    I repeat, if you have an old 200MHz PC to spare, a Linux router (e.g.
    Smoothwall) on it is better than any of those.
    Mike Yates, Jul 26, 2003
  4. James

    Bernard Peek Guest

    In message <bfrv4t$boa$>, James
    If security is really a problem then users can put a personal firewall
    onto their machines. That's a good idea for other reasons too.
    You could install a Linux based proxy server that could be set up to do
    some filtering. There isn't any way to filter out all unwelcome traffic
    so there is no foolproof solution. You could do the same job with a
    hardware router, but a machine able to do lots of fancy filtering
    wouldn't be cheap. Don't try to intercept users' e-mail or you could be
    in big legal trouble.

    You might also consider an extra file-server system up in the loft
    space. That makes it easy for each user to backup data. If the place
    gets burgled it's unlikely that a system in the loft would get nicked.
    There are other uses for a server too.
    Bernard Peek, Jul 28, 2003
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