Thinking of getting broadband through PlusNet

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by Richard Rollins, Jul 18, 2003.

  1. Hoping to get the above and have a couple of queries.

    From what I've seen the best setup would appear to be through a router, yes
    or no ?

    If yes whats a good make ?

    Have two pc in the house mine and my mums, Is there a cheap wireless

    Are PlusNet any good.
    Richard Rollins, Jul 18, 2003
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  2. Plusnet unmetered dial-up seems reasonably good, and they seem to be
    consistently in various magazine and website "top ten" lists for ADSL, so
    I'll probably just upgrade what I've already got.

    A combined ADSL modem, router, firewall and ethernet switch (i.e. several
    ethernet sockets) seems to be the neatest arrangement, as it includes
    everything in one box and allows for a bit of future expansion. Read reviews
    of some equipment on or and check
    the newsgroups for chat about problems with particular makes. Personally I
    think the Draytek ones look good because they are very configurable and I
    haven't seen much about problems (except from people trying to flash upgrade
    them without disconnecting them from the line), but it's your money.

    Wireless ethernet doesn't seem particularly fast compared with cable. OK for
    typing your novel on the laptop in the garden perhaps, but backups of tens of
    megabytes of pictures will seem sluggish. Most combined wireless routers seem
    to be 802.11b, which is only 11mB/s. If you want the faster and more recent
    802.11g, it will probably have to be a separate box - probably better anyway
    because this unit needs to be positioned for best radio reception, which
    would not necessarily be the best place to put an ethernet switch.

    Roderick Stewart, Jul 18, 2003
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  3. Richard Rollins

    Old Codger Guest

    I have the D-Link DSL-504. Does the job for me. I believe
    there is a wireless version. which cover
    I have the PlusNet ADSL Home account, upgraded from a
    connect dial up account, and have found PlusNet to be good.
    Have a look at, there are reader reviews
    so you can compare PlusNet with other ISPs. Should you
    decide on PlusNet you might put "safeprod" in the referrer
    box. That will get me a small discount.

    Best of luck with your search. ADSL is worth it.
    Old Codger, Jul 18, 2003
  4. Richard Rollins

    John Rumm Guest

    Router is best. Usually simpler to setup for security as well (i.e. the
    net is not connected to Windows!)
    We have supplied various Solwise ones to customers. Not had any problems
    so far. Having said that there are plenty of others to choose from that
    are good.
    Depends on what you mean by cheap! A SAR715PVW has built in wireless.
    Note you can add wireless to any ADSL setup with a simple Wireless
    Access Point. Sometimes there are advantages to having the WAP in a
    second box rather than built into the router (i.e. more flexibility
    siting it etc). Solwise do some 22mbs stuff that seems to work OK for
    the same money as most 11mbs kit.
    Yup - not bad. The news feed could do with a bit more history - but in
    the important areas they seem fine.



    | Internode Ltd - |
    | John Rumm - john(at)internode(dot)co(dot)uk |
    John Rumm, Jul 19, 2003
  5. "we supply the Solwise SAR110 with our hardware starter packs which performs

    1) Has no support for file transfers with MSN Messenger
    2) Plusnet charge around £15 more for this than you can buy it directly from
    insight for.
    3) The router is a bitch to set up and plusnet are fucksquared useless in
    supporting it and I quote "Go to the solwise forum" is the stock answer for
    all issues.

    On the other side of the coin:>
    The service is fairly priced
    They carry a good selection of newsgroups
    The downtime is acceptable but noteable
    Webspace offers PHP hosting with MySql (but many of us would have liked asp
    hosting with sql server/access - and would have been happy to pay extra)
    They give you two static IP's on basic accounts.

    If you're happy with a router that can be a challange to set up and moving
    files with MSN is something you do not do, the solwise is great little
    router - but shop around for it.
    Guiseppe Salamone, Jul 19, 2003
  6. Two? How do you get the second one? I take this is for a No-NAT setup? I saw
    no options for choosing No-NAT when I recently upgraded my account to "ADSL
    Home 500".

    Stephen Smith, Jul 19, 2003
  7. Hi Stephen.

    The option is not currently available at signup, but any residential
    account can have a 4 IP block, which can be added at any point after
    your ADSL account is activated. You need to be able to justify your IP
    usage (Ie tell us why you need additional IPs and why you can't do
    what you need with NAT / Virtual hosting). If you raise a ticket via
    Contact Us, we can progress this for you - The IPs are normally added
    immediately and at no charge. We are currently reviewing our IP
    allocation procedures, and it may be that larger blocks become
    available for residential users in the near future.

    With Regards,

    PlusNet Support Team, Jul 19, 2003
  8. Would be great if they put as much effort into answering their tickets as
    well as this.....
    Guiseppe Salamone, Jul 20, 2003
  9. Hi,

    Feel free to let me have a ticket number where you feel we haven't
    dealt with anything appropriately or quickly enough and I will be
    happy to review it and see what we can do to make your experience
    better in the future.

    We have come along leaps and bounds over the last six months in terms
    of dealing with Contact Us tickets in an efficient and timely manner,
    but I'm the first to say that we still have a fair way to go in making
    this system perfect!


    PlusNet Support Team, Jul 21, 2003
  10. [...]

    Is there a particular "standard" for "combined ADSL modem, router, firewall and ethernet switch"
    equipment, or can you name particular models so I can do a search at Insight & other suppliers?

    Secret Squirrel, Aug 12, 2003
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