Thinking about going WIRELESS!

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by SCW, Aug 16, 2003.

  1. SCW

    SCW Guest

    A little about my computer: I have a Compaq Presario 1525US notebook. The
    notebook is 'wireless ready' that features a card slot on the TOP of the
    notebook lid/BOTTOM RIGHT that supports a wireless network multiport
    card...this is NOT a PCMCIA card slot that I am talking about. I guess the
    feature was added to the notebooks 'build' so that a user could still have
    his/her PMCIA slot free for other cards. It's a pretty cool feature.
    Anyways the multiport slot on the lid supports 802.11b wireless networking
    ONLY...Compaq has not yet built a multiport module for the new 54g
    technology as of yet. So here is my question...

    Buying a multiport module wireless networking card for my notebook would be
    practicle since it would keep my PCMCIA slot free, plus I have heard using
    wireless networking cards in the PCMCIA slot sometimes reduces signal
    strength because the card is covered more by the desk that the computer is
    sitting on, etc but again it is 802.11b technology, not the most recent 54g

    Would you recommend that I use 802.11b technology or would it be worth it to
    skip 802.11b technology and go with the newest...54g technology? If I went
    with 54g technology, obviously my wireless networking card would be a PCMCIA
    card...which is fine...I just really wanna use this multiport...the module
    us really cool, it has lights all over it that light up different colors
    when you are wireless:)

    I'm still fairly new to the wireless networking world so there is a lot that
    I don't understand. I'm still confused about the difference between 802.11b
    and 54g, I know 802.11b is up to 11mbps where 54g is up to what 5 times
    faster? or something like that.

    The prices are not that much of a difference between both technologies so
    either way works for me. But I'm just curious about my speeds. I live in a
    1 bedroom APT. I was also curious about the range of these devices. How
    far can I be from my router/access point and still be able to obtain a

    Also if I went with a PC Card for my wireless networking card, would I want
    to get a card that had a external antenna or would I want a card that has
    the antenna internally?

    Most people have recommended LinkSys wireless products verses other brands,
    would you guys agree with that statement or do you recommend other brands?

    I'm excited about going wireless and am looking forward to your

    SCW, Aug 16, 2003
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  2. SCW

    SCW Guest

    Nobody wants to help? Geeze...
    SCW, Aug 18, 2003
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  3. SCW

    SCW Guest

    Geeze take a chill pill dude. Everyone is so damn defensive on these

    Forget I fucking asked.
    SCW, Aug 18, 2003
  4. Very well... *PLONK*
    Darrel Toepfer, Aug 19, 2003
  5. I think people in this group have been doing wireless long enough that they
    do not exactly find it exciting that someone is going to "go wireless." It
    always helps to do your homework before posting questions in a newsgroup.
    That way people can give more specific answers.

    If you only want to share internet connections, do what I did, get "b" and
    save some money. It is fast enough for the occaisonal file transfer also.

    If you want similar performance to a wired network and want to transfer a
    lot of files get "g" Maybe you like being on the leading edge, then "g"
    might be a new toy for you.

    Signal depends on too many factors to predict. My situation is that the PC's
    are about 20ft apart, but running a cable would have meant 50-100ft of line
    twisting around my apt. My tiny D-Link 120's get through two plaster walls
    one covered with tile. I see my neighbor's LAN through a concrete floor.
    How's that for reception?

    A lot of people here have problems with linksys, others do not, the specific
    problems relate to specific situations. Netgear has come in for some
    criticism. I choose D-Link and am satisfied despite some small problems.

    Steve Knoblock, Aug 19, 2003
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