There is jUst simply NO Internet CoNNeCtiON!!!

Discussion in 'Wireless Networks' started by lolipopapple, Sep 13, 2004.

  1. lolipopapple

    lolipopapple Guest

    Helpppp mEee!!!!

    I have currently a network with 3pcs (All 3 are using Windows XP OS), 1pc is
    linked directly to the router and the other 2pcs are wirelessly connected to
    the network.

    Problem now is that the pc linked directly to the rounter and one of the pc
    linked wirelessly is able to be connected to the internet. But my pc, which
    is wirelessly connected to the network, COULD NOT!!!

    All 3pcs are under one Workgroup Name, it is just so simply that my pc
    (being one of the wireless-connected pc) CANNOT get to the INTERNET!!!

    As I view from my pc's Network Connection; it just show the icon for
    Wireless Network Connection, Enabled. I can see the Status of the
    Connectivity-->Connected & in Excellent Connectivity! but I could not see the
    icon for my Internet Gateway, Internet Connection. There is no such icon.

    The sharing of files and folders are accessible between all 3pcs but SIMPLY,
    my pc COULD NOT get unto the INTERNET CONNECTION!!!!....

    What is the problem!?!?!...sOmebOdy please hELPPPPP....

    mAny thANKieS iNn adVANCe!!!...
    lolipopapple, Sep 13, 2004
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