The remote session was disconnected because there are no Terminal Server License Servers available

Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by Spin, Sep 13, 2004.

  1. Spin

    Spin Guest


    Running Windows Server 2003, with Remote Desktop enabled in the My Computer
    server is not running in application mode. However, I am suddenly seeing
    event ID 1008 errors in my system event log about Terminal Server licensing
    grace period has expired and the service has not registered with a license
    server with installed licenses. So when I next tried to connect over RDP to
    the said server, the following error occurred:

    The remote session was disconnected because there are no Terminal Server
    License Servers available to provide a license. Please contact the server

    I thought if one were running a Windows Server 2003 for remote
    administration purposes only, which gives you only two connections to the
    server, one did not need to worry about licensing or missing a licensing
    server altogether. So what should I do next?
    Spin, Sep 13, 2004
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  2. Spin

    Miha Pihler Guest

    Hi Spin,

    My guess is you installed Terminal Services under Control Panel ->
    Add/Remove programs -> Windows Components -> Terminal Server. You should
    remove this option.

    This is how it was done in Windows 2000 and in next window you were asked if
    this is Application or Administration mode. In Windows 2003 you get
    administration mode by default, you just have to enable it. You don't need
    to select "Terminal Server" to get Administration mode.

    Miha Pihler, Sep 13, 2004
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  3. Spin

    Spin Guest

    You were right! I forgot that this was a PDC upgraded from an NT 4.0
    Terminal Server Edition (Note to Ace Fekay, this is NOT the other server I
    have been talking about, the one that was dual-homed and Internet-facing,
    this is another box).

    I'll go home tonight and check. I may or may not have the option to do that
    in Control Panel b/c TS back in NT 4.0 TSE OS was *built-in*. But I will
    post back with a yea or a nay.
    Spin, Sep 13, 2004
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