The Little Book Of Reasons To Come Back To Telewest.

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by The New Boy, May 12, 2006.

  1. The New Boy

    The New Boy Guest

    (through my door)

    "Revolutionary digital TV"

    I had it before, it was crap.
    Constantly havin to reboot the box to sort out all the problems.

    "Unlimited local and national weekend calls for up to an hour"

    Up to an hour, unlimited?
    It was only last week that the word unlimited meant unlimited, now it's
    an hour.

    "All our broadband services are unlimited... unlike BT and Wanadoo"

    Is the word unlimited the only word you know?
    You have 2 definitions of that word, one bein the opposite of the other.

    "Includes security and anti-virus software"

    Which is a subscription service.
    Get a vast majority of users to install it via the 'blueyonder install
    disc' wait a while, then announce that they now have to pay for it.
    It's cheaper to get the FREE ones, they're a lot better too.

    "It won't tie up your phone line"

    Neither does ADSL.

    "New TV Drive"

    Which is still in Beta...
    The one thing it don't perform very well at, is 'recordin'

    "We want you back"

    I bet you do.

    "We really want you back"

    I don't want to come back, I think you're crap, you keep puttin the
    prices up left right and centre, and I felt screwed.
    I was actually glad to get away.
    The New Boy, May 12, 2006
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