The Great (Pipex) Escape - complete !

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by Colin Wilson, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. Colin Wilson

    Colin Wilson Guest

    When I woke up this morning (later than normal, as i'm on strong
    painkillers at the moment) my line was dead - plugged in the new router,
    and was up and running in seconds.

    HTTP seems a little flaky at present, and my line stats / attenuation
    seem up and down (dslzone reports 4Mbit (496k/sec), adslguide reports
    3.8Mbit) - but having changed the filter (I was getting dropped when the
    phone rang, something I hadn't suffered from with my old router) my
    stats are now:

    Connection Speed 4640 kbps (down) 768 kbps (up)

    Line Attenuation 50.0 db 31.5 db
    Noise Margin 7.6 db 14.0 db

    I'm seeing 505k/s steadily on a download, and saw 83k/sec upload in
    netmeter anyway, so that's a lot better (and cheaper) than Pipex :p
    Colin Wilson, Apr 4, 2007
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  2. Colin Wilson

    Kit Guest


    Who are you with now?

    Kit, Apr 4, 2007
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  3. Colin Wilson

    Colin Wilson Guest


    On a slightly related note, someone I contacted via the adslguide (or
    was it dslzone) forums to pass on the email addresses I used for senior
    management has also been told today that they can leave Pipex without
    penalty - despite only being a couple of months into the 12 month
    Colin Wilson, Apr 4, 2007
  4. Colin Wilson

    Colin Wilson Guest

    Hmm ok, so http was flaky earlier, since then:

    * the mail server's down
    * the router has had to be rebooted before it would connect...

    Let's just hope it doesn't carry on like this :-}
    Colin Wilson, Apr 4, 2007
  5. Colin Wilson

    Andy Pandy Guest

    Aha. I was going to post a separate thread but thought I'd ask you what you
    thought of Sky first....

    I'm with Plusnet on their Premier package (£21.99/month) and can leave at
    any time ie. not tied to any minimum contract. I was tempted to switch to
    one of the Sky packages as since April 1st they are now in my area (LLU) so
    I can pick any one of their packages.

    I used to be more of a heavy downloader with p2p but not so much now so I
    reckon I stay within 40Gb/month limits so am not sure whether to pick the
    Mid @ £5/month or the Max product @ £10/month.

    I don't really use any of the advanced features of Plusnet other than the
    web space (not that much though) - does Sky have a web space option?

    The only thing thats tempting me at the moment is the drastic reduction in
    monthly cost - even if I went to Max I would be saving £11/month!

    Couple of other questions though - do you HAVE to use the wireless router
    provided by Sky? Looks like a Netgear - I already have a DG834G (1st model)
    so wouldn't really need to change unless you are forced into using it (I've
    heard Sky have their own custom firmware on the wireless router they

    I suppose the big question really is, yes its a lot cheaper but how much
    more reliable or unreliable is the service compared to Plusnet (I must admit
    I haven't had that many problems with PN even though a lot of people slag
    them off frequently) and if I picked the Max service (claim up to 16mb)
    would I see any improvement in my dl/ul rates (currently my attenuation from
    the netgear readings is around 52db so I get roughly 3500/512 in dl/ul now.

    Andy Pandy, Apr 6, 2007
  6. Colin Wilson

    Colin Wilson Guest

    Aha. I was going to post a separate thread but thought I'd ask you what you
    Not too bad to be fair, but i'm trying to clarify a few things via the
    adslguide forums at present - i'm supposed to be on an LLU line, but I
    only appear to be connecting as an "up to 8Mb" customer, not "Max 16Mb".
    I went for the Max, but i'm not entirely sure if i'm _getting_ it at
    present. I was formerly on a 1Mbit connection, and this has ramped up to
    a ~3.5Mbit connection, so it's cheaper and faster - i'm not complaining
    too hard in this respect, but it would appear from my line stats that I
    should be able to get at least another 1Mbit over and above what i'm
    getting now.
    Not as far as I know.
    Same here - the mail seemed to come back up again quickly enough, and
    may have even been my fault (I had peerguardian running at the time, and
    I think I was trying to send one - PG was blocking it ?!?)
    There are some threads kicking around about using other hardware, people
    have reported mixed results - i'll post a couple of links below that may
    or may not be of any use or interest :-}
    It's certainly no worse than I was seeing with Pipex - which had become
    a joke !
    That might depend on how you end up getting connected, as I say, i'm not
    actually sure i'm connecting as an ADSL2+ customer (I suspect not), but
    that might either be a profile that'll sort itself out, or a setting in
    the router (which i'm waiting for some answers on)

    My attenuation was only 7dB when I first connected (!) but has since
    changed to 50dB




    In short, no real issues as yet - gaming pings are generally poor
    compared to many ISPs (I see 100ms+ regularly), so for the price, i'm
    happy enough with them.
    Colin Wilson, Apr 6, 2007
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