Tesco.net / Tesco.net Broadband

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by engmanxscot, Sep 1, 2004.

  1. engmanxscot

    engmanxscot Guest

    I have been using tesco.net for 18 months (dial-up anytime) quite
    decent service for me, I have just signed up for the broadband (takes
    10-12 day for connection, modem etc)...Quite excited at the
    engmanxscot, Sep 1, 2004
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  2. engmanxscot

    :::Jerry:::: Guest

    And your point is ?....
    :::Jerry::::, Sep 1, 2004
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  3. engmanxscot

    poster Guest

    a mistaken duplicate post - in the thread where someone asked:

    Or has anyone used them in the past on dial up??

    and went on to say

    Looking overall for thoughts on Tesco as an ISP, from those
    who have experience of them

    (although it was after users of broadband and comments on newsgroups)
    poster, Sep 1, 2004
  4. engmanxscot

    mj Guest

    And your point is ?....
    And your point is?....
    mj, Sep 1, 2004
  5. engmanxscot

    :::Jerry:::: Guest

    To point out the pointless nature of the OP message, other than to make him
    (or her) look like an impatient child !... Unless 'poster' is correct and it
    was just an errant message meant for another thread, after all the OP wasn't
    asking about what filters he should be using etc.
    :::Jerry::::, Sep 1, 2004
  6. engmanxscot

    poster Guest

    It was a duplicate, word for word, which I'd have expected to be
    visible on your news service as well, by now. Just look at the
    earlier thread 'Tesco as an ISP' and you'll see the same text!
    poster, Sep 1, 2004
  7. engmanxscot

    :::Jerry:::: Guest

    Oh yes, except for a different username ! A slip personality ?... :~)
    :::Jerry::::, Sep 1, 2004
  8. engmanxscot

    poster Guest

    Oh yes, except for a different username !

    I saw the mail address <> and where some posts
    had a username the others had none... so didn't think anything
    more of it... MickeyShaft software sometimes does daft things,
    such as hide the actual mail address and 'helpfully' show only
    a 'username' - just another reason not to use it for newsgroups
    (though the multiple server aspect is one reason I use it, more
    for checking 40+ mail accounts than for news servers :) Peter
    poster, Sep 1, 2004
  9. engmanxscot

    half_pint Guest

    That he is quite excited, as indicated?
    half_pint, Sep 2, 2004
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