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Discussion in 'Broadband' started by AMO, Dec 27, 2004.

  1. AMO

    AMO Guest

    I've noticed that TalkTalk's Broadband + Talk 2 Package is cheaper than just
    getting broadband from them.

    A lot of people have joined TalkTalk around the middle of this year.

    At a guess, if TalkTalk continue to supply this offer mid-next year, there
    will be a LOT of migrations to TalkTalk.

    Places like PlusNet and Pipex cost over £20 / month for just 512K broadband.

    TalkTalk are offering free modem plus throwing in an upgraded phone package
    for the same price. Also, unlike PlusNet which charge unsubsidised prices
    for anything outside of the standard service (e.g. upgrading a line etc).

    Anyone see any downsides to TalkTalk? I noticed a thread recently regarding
    P2P issues, but that seems to have been resolved.

    I get the feeling that places like PlusNet (unlike Pipex which have a large
    portion of business customers) are going to find it tough going next year

    AMO, Dec 27, 2004
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  2. Not sure where you've got your prices, but I have 1M PlusNet BB for £14.99.
    The main drawback with talk-talk is the high cost of calls not included in
    the package. I make a lot of international calls, and talk talk prices are
    far higher than other operators - so it makes sense to be able to pick and
    choose carriers on a call by call basis.
    Ian M Shepherd, Dec 27, 2004
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  3. AMO

    Oliver Guest

    The question many will ask is, what is ISP-side contention like at
    peak time? If heavy downloaders start migrating to sub-£20 unlimited
    packages then increasing contention will be the only way to keep it
    sustainable (Plusnet have been criticised for being open about their
    policy, but I doubt they were the first, and they certainly won't be
    the last).

    Oliver, Dec 27, 2004
  4. AMO

    Oliver Guest

    With a 1GB limit per month. Talktalk 512Kb is £19.99 with no limit.
    You can still dial a prefix after you join Talktalk telephone service.

    Oliver, Dec 27, 2004
  5. True - but it's OK for me - and £5 cheaper
    Only if you break the terms and conditions of their service. With some
    carriers charging UK calls just 1p per call fixed cost- you'd have to make a
    lot of off-peak calls to justify call inclusive packages. Having said that,
    I know talk talk is popular - I just think personally it's not the best for
    my situation, and that of many others.
    Ian M Shepherd, Dec 27, 2004
  6. AMO

    AMO Guest

    Good point. I was actually just thinking from a telephone perspective. I
    got the free upgrade to Talk2 when I joined TalkTalk. That expires sometime
    next year. I will have joined PlusNet for 1 year by then and for me, it is
    better to switch over completely to TalkTalk to maintain the free Talk2. I
    also get a £1 discount, as I pay £21.99 for a 512K line to PlusNet. Also
    with CarPhoneWarehouse there won't be any upgrade costs to go to 1Mb which I
    have to pay if I wished to upgrade on PlusNet.

    Support can't really be worse. Whilst I do like PlusNet over Pipex in its
    infrastructure - just email them and they'll get back to you and the way you
    can pretty much manage your account on PlusNet very easily, PlusNet goes up
    and down like a yoyo compared to Pipex (I am more than happy to list the
    issues for anyone that is interested - I am not going out of my way to slag
    off PlusNet).

    Finally, I think that CarPhoneWarehouse have the capacity - don't they do
    something different to other ISPs in the way they buy capcity en masse so it
    works out cheap for them?


    AMO, Dec 27, 2004
  7. AMO

    Oliver Guest

    That's not true.

    Oliver, Dec 27, 2004
  8. No problems here, using 18866 and 1899 and Talk Talk for the free calls, and a
    few premium rate ones too!

    My Talk Talk broadband did spring back into life, as what had happened was, so
    many people had joined Talk Talk broadband, when they hadn't even advertised
    the product except online, hoping not to get inundated until they could get
    the new pipe put in, well the network guys had blocked some ports and
    'managed' P2P and FTP traffic without informing anyone in support, they got
    their back sides got kicked and they opened up the ports in time for
    Christmas, and are just balancing the traffic as a whole at the moment,
    waiting for the new pipe in the new year.

    Current Items For Sale:
    New Forum:
    For South East Brum:
    For Free £20 credit when you get referred to TalkTalk contact me via above
    site. And now with FREE off-peak calls to UK, USA, CAN & AUS!
    {{{{{Welcome}}}}}, Dec 27, 2004
  9. From their web site :-

    11.4 Free Calls are only available to UK residential customers who use
    TalkTalk as their sole call provider (as far as is possible under the
    TalkTalk service)
    Ian M Shepherd, Dec 27, 2004
  10. AMO

    Oliver Guest

    Oh ok, I was looking at the page:

    Either way, I know many people are using prefixes with TalkTalk, I'd
    be very interested to know if any have been contacted by Talktalk
    about this.

    Oliver, Dec 27, 2004
  11. AMO

    AMO Guest

    AMO, Dec 27, 2004
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