Sudden Wireless Network Problem

Discussion in 'Wireless Networks' started by tmcgin710395, Sep 26, 2004.

  1. tmcgin710395

    tmcgin710395 Guest

    Greetings. Hopefully someone can help me. We have had a wireless network
    running in our house for several months now without issue. The system
    consists of a host unit (desktop) and two clients (one laptop and one
    desktop). The clients are tied to the host wirelessly while the host uses an
    ethernet cable. All components at D-Link products.

    Last night the clients suddenly stopped connecting to the internet. The
    hardware is working correctly according to the device manager on all fronts.
    I have tried to reconnect and repair the problem without success. We have
    also tried to set-up a new wireless network that does not help either; as
    well as uninstalling and reinstalling the network adaptors.

    On the desktop client computer, I noticed another "wireless connection
    available" that was not been present in the past. When I move the client
    laptop in the same area as the client desktop; it also shows the additional
    wireless connection. The connection is titled "MCGILL"; which happens to be
    the last name of a neighbor two doors over from us. They say that are not
    using any type of wireless computer network in their home but it seems odd.
    I have tried to delete the MCGILL connection but neither client computer will
    allow me to do that.

    I have run the windows help for wireless issues and did not find anything
    that fixed this problem.

    We would greatly appreciate any help!!!! Thanks!!!
    tmcgin710395, Sep 26, 2004
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  2. tmcgin710395

    Paul E Guest

    I am no expert, but a quick check might help based on a similar experience I
    have had...

    Have you set your host to enable broadcasting the SSID? If you are running
    Windows XP, and Windows Wireless Zero Configuration is active, then my
    understanding is that you will latch onto a broadcast SSID first before you
    do to a non-broadcast SSID. In my case, my wireless stations were grabbing
    the signal from my neighbours router even though of course they did not have
    the correct encryption to allow doing anything with the signal. Once I
    enabled broadcasting of the SSID, I could make my own host the preferred

    (Oh, and perhaps they are not running a wireless network, but are running a
    wireless connection for XBox or something?)
    Paul E, Sep 27, 2004
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