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    Would you Like To Know How The Electronic Devices Understand When You Talk to Them, And How It Works To Speak Spanish?

    Because spelling words and names are common in English, Software have been developed to code names based on how they sound. Searching and matching is done by converting a word or name to some phonetic code. Phonetic encoding technology is also used for the command voice in electronic devices like cell phones(to make calls), answering machines(to select menu options), toys, cars(for security), house(to control the lights) and a lot of more applications, It is why when somebody order to the cell phone " office" the cell phone make a call to the office, or the lights turn on when you say "lights", etc.
    Some of the best video games come in Spanish
    Learn Spanish reading in English
    I have exciting news for anybody who wants to learn to communicate in Spanish. You can get a flying start and begin communicating in Spanish in 15 days or less it depends of you. In fact, with just 125 Spanish words (75 key words and 50 most common and used Spanish words) anyone can communicate in Spanish.
    Just 26 letters make all English literature and 75 Spanish key words are all you need to begin communicating effectively in Spanish, these are:
    - Alphabet(26 letters)(a, b, c, d, e .......... x, y, z)
    - Three articles(el, la, los)
    - Pronouns(7)(I, you, he, she, It, we, they)
    - Prepositions(18)(a, an, from, of, with, ....... in, on)
    - Verb to Be(3)(am, are, is)
    - Numbers(0-9)(zero, one, two ....... nine, ten)
    - Interrogatives(8)(what, who, ........, how, whom)

    Combine these 75 key words as a communication multipliers to make your learning time productive and create real usable Spanish output.
    Now anyone can speak Spanish with "Spanish By Myself" guide. This fascinating guide makes speaking Spanish as easy as speak English, just need to know read in English, yes, read in English and learn the correct Spanish pronunciation of the most used key words that give you the most strong communication skills

    AMAZINGLY, with just 75 Spanish Key words and 50 most used common Spanish words, you can actually make over 85,000 Spanish sentences and say just about anything you will want to say in Spanish.

    Let me give you more examples:

    REMEMBER: Read the "pronunciation" sentence in English It will sound in Spanish.

    ENGLISH SENTENCE : Good morning How are you?
    SPANISH SENTENCE : Buenos dias como esta?
    PRONUNCIATION : Boo_n_oz d_us Koh_moh ess_tah?

    ENGLISH SENTENCE: My name is Ann, What is your name?
    SPANISH SENTENCE: Mi nombre es Ann cual es su nombre?
    PRONUNCIATION : Mee nohm_breh ess Ann,
    Kuh_al ess sue nohm_breh?

    ENGLISH SENTENCE: I would like to be your friend
    SPANISH SENTENCE : Me gustaria ser tu amigo(a)
    PRONUNCIATION : Meh goose_tah_rih_ah sehr two ah_mee_goh

    ENGLISH SENTENCE : your son likes to play ball
    SPANISH SENTENCE : a tu hijo le gusta jugar pelota
    PRONUNCIATION : ah two ee_ho leh Goose_tah
    Hoo_gahr peh_loh_tah.

    ENGLISH SENTENCE : The party is in my house
    SPANISH SENTENCE : La fiesta es en mi casa
    PRONUNCIATION : Lah Fee_ess_tah ess n mee kah_sah

    ENGLISH SENTENCE : I want a glass of water
    SPANISH SENTENCE : Yo quiero un vaso con agua
    PRONUNCIATION : yoh kee_eh_roh oon vah_soh kohn ah_guh_ah

    It isn't fun, you will find a lot of more examples inside the guide but the best of the best is that you will learn how make your own sentences, isn't great!, I will teach you the 75 Spanish key words and the 50 common and most used words plus hundreds of words for specific conversations with the pronunciation of all of them, and how you can combine them.

    Also you will learn good manners in Spanish, the months of the year, the days of the week, colors, words to use at the restaurant, at home, at school, at work and much more.

    Don't think to much about it, there are so many people who want to learn speak Spanish and I'm sure you don't want to stay behind, there are a lot of opportunities for the people who speak English and Spanish, not only for jobs, but to do new friends, to do business or just to know speak Spanish and be more competitive in this world. Take your future in your hands, nobody is going to do it for you, you have to make decision by your self, and this is a good one.

    Get your Guide now for a half price and you will receive the bonuses

    What is stopping you?
    Look, I do know that you are reading this message, it is because you want to learn speak Spanish and of course, you do realize that you need to study to achieve your goal. So there's no reason not to get my Guide, you just have to read in English and then the Spanish flow in your mouth naturally without effort.

    ORDER NOW at

    Please forward this to a friend. It will highlight his day. Once forwarded, look for the complete information about the guide at this address: This Guide is even better!
    PLENI SELENE, Jan 11, 2006
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