SMC SMC2804WBR wireless stops working

Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by craig, Nov 29, 2003.

  1. craig

    craig Guest

    I got a gripe with the SMC2804WBR wireless router that stops working
    after a couple of days of use. The wired pc continues to function
    without any issues but the wireless computers are dead as a door-nail.
    Several inquiries to SMC have gone either unanswered, or responded
    with a laundry list of things to do that don't even apply to the
    situation. That's the quality of support you can expect from off-shore

    You have to reset or reboot the router to make the wireless clients
    work again. It's funny actually. SMC tech support said the problem is
    with the 3 laptops and I should reload the os on all 3 machines. I'm
    looking at all 3 screens sitting there with a RED icon in the system
    tray. I reboot the router and watch all 3 go green right away. Great

    Anyway, somebody on this message board had a simple yet creative work
    around until SMC comes up with a fix. Yes the fix to the problem they
    haven't yet admitted exists yet. Put an electric egg timer on the
    router to power off around 3am when you're not using it and come back
    on in an hour. Works like a champ. I'm sure that would go over "BIG"
    in an enterprise environment. However for my purposes it will suffice.
    I think SMC needs to take a step-back and re-evaluate their RND
    department and realign the balance of cost vs quality. It used to be a
    company I had a lot of respect for. Unfortunately their not alone in
    this respect.

    If anyone hears of a permanent fix so I can put my timer back on my
    Christmas lights would be much appreciated. Thanks.
    craig, Nov 29, 2003
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