Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by DAVID MAXWELL, Feb 3, 2004.

  1. My DELL Laptop 5000e used to smoke when launching programs -- now since I
    identified and subsequently quarantined/deleted two viruses using Panda
    Software's free online scan, it noticeably drags...worse, the dragging
    caused the system to freeze before I could go to the quarantine log at Panda
    to see what the viruses were :((

    I have worked feverishly the past week and more to scan and rescan and
    rescan and (you get the idea) with a variety of all the popular and free
    online virus scanners, not trusting my Norton SystemWorks (2003) AntiVirus
    for fear it was corrupted. I have also used Spybot Search & Destroy and
    AdAware, both latest versions with updates, to thoroughly cleanse the system
    of critters. I've run and re-run the IE5.5 Repair Tool (I run IE6) and have
    defragged using Norton SysWorks. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the
    biggest offender of slowness, the FirstClass E-mail Program, in both Safe
    Mode (to disable the virus scanner per recommendation) and by choosing
    msconfig to not load all startup items. The program still drags :(( where
    it used to zoom to log me in so fast you could barely see it happen. My
    e-mail administrator at work has worked with me to toggle different settings
    to speed up FirstClass, to no avail...and yet less than one month ago, it
    logged me in with blinding speed...or as my administrator says, there's
    nothing wrong with the funcionality of your program, but getting there
    (italics) is the problem (handshaking???).

    I would SO appreciate help with this -- I'm lost and have almost given up.
    If this helps, consider that I used to exit the FirstClass program by
    right-clicking the icon in the systray and selecting Exit, where now, even
    when I do that, same result: slow...slow...slow -- what used to happen in a
    flash now takes at least 30 seconds. File corruption?? Active Desktop
    problem?? The FirstClass support people tell me that I have corrupted, or
    lost, files, probably as the result of the infections, but which ones??

    DAVID MAXWELL, Feb 3, 2004
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    Liz Hopkins Guest

    I'm no expert you have Panda running? It's
    really effective but also really huge.
    Whe I tried it, we couldn't even get the full version
    installed on a machine because there simply wasn't room
    on the hard drive.
    I would assume that it would consume an equally huge
    amount of memory and CPU time.
    Liz Hopkins, Feb 4, 2004
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